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I think the title of this ep was very fitting. I'm glad the writers got back to basics with reintroducing the original friendships, and i'm also glad that they explained why things have been so strained. I think those aspects will only get better.

speaking of which- We got another hug for the greenies! although i'm suprised they didn't mention The Promise. that dissapointed me a bit. t hen again i guess ephram wouldn't admit to amy that it hurt.

I'm glad Linda pushed andy to get back his friendship with Nina and didn't play the b*tchy girlfriend. The abotts both seemed to get it actually.

Amy missing harolds birthday was horrible but i think the letter was a nice way of trying to apologize for everything while it hurt to do it in person, hopefully she'll apologize in person soon.

As for next weeks ep-i'll post my opinions when i get there however i think it's too soon for both couples to have sex it's only been a month, screw the fact it's illegal for ephram and madison...something tells me not all parties will go through with it.

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