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really good episode. i've missed everwood!

bright was hilarious once again..i love his character!

the whole fight with andy and harold was sad to see happen espacially since ephram and amy are being good friends again but i can understand where they're both coming from. hopefully harold will see where he was coming from eventually.

ephram and madison break up was inevitable. i mean she wasn't even comfortable being out in public with him really. it was the nicest break up that it could have been, though. no yelling or anything, they both were sad that it was happening.

also does anyone else want to know what ephrams present was?

LOVED the amy and ephram scene at the end. wonderful. all of the dialogue was perfect. the whole "that's when you're supposed to say i don't need the dollar" and ephram saying "i won't pass up a good opportunity when i see it." hahaha i loved how it ended with amy saying "we could always get more fries." love it.
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