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An amazing episode tonight, after a long hiatus. The acting, the writing, even the direction was all put together very nicely. This show just keeps impressing me. So much happened and so much is opened to happening before the seasons end.

Amy: I am so glad that they had her break it off with Tommy and move back home. I also like how there showing Amy's old group and showing her way of seeking redemption.

Ephram: We all knew him and Madison would end when they got together. But, I liked Madison and was all for there relationship. Unfortunatley, there lives got in the way tonight and they had a very sweet and touching breakup, very much mutual.

Andy/Nina/Carl: Nice to see Carl back, post "Nip/Tuck", lol. I felt when they started that this would be Nina loosing Sam, but once Andy gave that speech I realized thankfully, that she as going to keep him. Im glad too, and Im glad Carl realized he didn't necessarily want Sam with him, he just missed him.

Harold/Amy/Andy: WOW! What a way to start up something new. I think we all saw this coming with the birth control pills. In a way Harold is right he should have come to him, but mostly he is taking out anger because it is his daughter. Hopefully, they can break the tension soon.

Bright: Im glad he talked to Amy, and started to give her encouragment. Sweet moment.

Ephram/Amy: The most unlikely, sweetest surprise the fans were all entitled to. And I think the line "I'll pay you a dollar to sit with me" was priceless! It gave the fans of the couple (Greenies) hope. Thank God.

All in all, an amazing episode that left us wanting more. I can't wait for next weeks episode. I wonder what there going to do about Delia now that they broke up. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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