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Originally Posted by AutumnColorsღ (View Post)
I lost my grandma to breast cancer last year in October and one year is approaching soon. I think about her everyday and am still so sad about not being able to talk to her. Its hard because sometimes I will wake up and think "I am going to call my grandma" and will actually dial her number and my grandpa will pick up and then it will click on me.
I know what you mean i called my mamaw constly if i wasnt wih her. I lost her to panceratic cancer ten years ago. It is wtill hard theyre days that something just hits you. About three years ago i was working as a cashier and has to run this guys check thru when it prompted for a phone number it was hers. I mumbled thankyou turned my light off(thankfully no one was behind him9 went to the bathroom and balled like a baby. I came out and two of my close woek friends looked at me concerned so i had to tell them that the customer had my mamaws phone number. I told them that i knew it was silly but it was my mamaws phone number. I told them that ofcourse i knew someone had it and i didnt know why i was balling. When Tina hugged me and said because you never excepeted to meet them.
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