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Originally Posted by Kyls (View Post)
Well, I'm no Mike/Rachel fan, and TBH if they broke up, I'd be glad because I want to see something different for Mike. Sorry.
Me too. So .. I can't wait for it.


Suits RECAP Season 4 Episode 6: Mike’s Downfall, Rachel’s Kiss, Harvey Picks Mike in Litt the Hell Up [SPOILERS]
By Anshu Shrivastava | July 24, 2014 6:02 PM EST

Mike Ross made a deal with a devil, Charles Frostman, and has now ended up in the list of unemployed people. He almost won the takeover battle and then lost the war and his job. And, he is likely to lose Rachel, as well, in the next episode. In a moment of weakness, Rachel kissed Logan and she wants to update Mike on that, without waiting for an opportune time anymore. The Episode 6 of "Suits" Season 4, "Litt the Hell Up," gave Mike moments of complete control and then pulled the rug from under his feet.

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 6 "Litt the Hell Up":

Rachel visits Logan at his condo to tell him that he should put a stop to flowers, card and his attempt to get close to her. Before visiting him, she remembered her close moments with Logan in the past. Rachel reminds Logan that she loves Mike, but that does not make much difference to Logan, as he gets close to her, again. Unlike the last time, Rachel fails to resist the chemistry and the pull between them and the two passionately kiss.

Meanwhile at Sidwell's firm, Mike fears that his boss may have come to know about his deal with Frostman. Sidwell, however, wants to know what is cooking between Mike and Harvey, as SEC called -up and told him about their meeting at the steak house. Mike tells him about Rachel passing out and being admitted in hospital, and thus he and Harvey were at the same place. Sidwell wants to know if Mike is not hiding anything and if he wants to tell him something. Mike does not grab the opportunity and come clean on his deal with Frostman.

Louis arrives at Donna's desk distributing Litt Up mugs to his associates in the firm. He has a mug for Donna, as well. However, it is not the mug that he presents her, but calls it her chalice. He gives her an expensive necklace, which is a replica of Dame Judi Dench's necklace, for helping him overcome his stage fright. He wants to give one of his personalised Litt Up mugs to Harvey. Donna takes-up the task of doing that. Harvey is not too pleased seeing the mug. He, however, does not get too much time to mock Louis and vent out his frustration.

From Donna, Harvey finds out that Logan has been taken to SEC for questioning. Harvey barges into the SEC's interrogation room. Logan finds out about Harvey meeting Mike, the postponement of the auction and the buying of the stocks. Harvey walks out with Logan, as Cahill does not have anything to pin on Logan or Harvey at that moment. Outside, Logan wants to know when Harvey was going to tell him about buying of stocks. Harvey tells him that the stocks are of no use, as SEC is looking into the matter, and they cannot be parked. Jessica wants Harvey to put an end to the takeover battle as quickly as possible, while Logan is not ready to make a deal with Mike.

Jessica wants Malone to go over his prepared 'questionable' contract with a fine-tooth comb. Malone is not willing to do that, as he believes that he did his job, perfectly. He snubs Jessica when she tells him that no one disobeys her. Jessica later takes Louis to a fancy restaurant for lunch. She asks him to go through Malone's prepared contract and ensure that everything is in order.

Donna finds out from Rachel that she kissed Logan. She tells Rachel to not tell anyone about it and not to Mike at all. Harvey goes to meet Mike at his office. Mike has the leverage and tells Harvey he will buy him out, and not the other way around. Mike wants Gillis' Industries.

Back at the firm, Harvey asks Rachel to spill out what she found out during her day-long meeting with Logan. Rachel tells him that the board is not happy with Logan and he may lose his position in the company if he does not wrap-up Gillis' Industries. Equipped with this information, Harvey forces Logan to make a deal with Mike.

Afraid that Logan may reveal about the kiss at the meeting, Rachel wants Mike to let Sidwell put the takeover deal to bed. It is Mike's moment and he is not letting it go. Rachel, however, suggests him to add a new point, as he has the leverage.

At the meeting, Logan agrees to Mike's drafted takeover deal. The problem arises when Mike says that once the deal is signed, Harvey has to be his lawyer and he has to drop Logan as his client. Logan refuses to agree to that and Mike says, the deal is off if that does not happen. Both Mike and Logan ask Harvey to pick and Harvey picks Mike. Logan points out that Jessica will not agree to that, and he refuses to close the takeover deal of Gillis' Industries. It is back to square one and Harvey is not happy about that. He accuses Mike of blindsiding the deal when they could have sorted it out later. Mike, however, feels he can get away with it. Afterwards, Donna accuses Rachel of making Mike add the stipulation because of her personal issue.

Louis finds a small error in Malone's contract, but it is an error that could benefit Jessica. She can put the shares back in the market. Louis is unable to reach Harvey to update him on the new development. Harvey has gone to meet his old nemesis Frostman, as he is unable to make Logan and Mike see reason. Frostman, however, informs him that he has bought Wexler shares, which were back in the market, and there is no need for a deal now. Harvey is caught completely unaware.

At the firm, he lashes out at Louis, and does not pay heed to his explanation that he called him up a number of times. Harvey asks him to stay out of his business. Louis is devastated. Sidewell informs Mike that they have got control of Gillis' Industries. There is celebration but Mike has yet to inform Sidwell that he would not be getting a penny from this takeover win. Mike suggests to his boss that they give a 100 per cent discount to Frostman, as the latter's money can be used for other potential deals.

Louis meets Frostman and shows him his diary where he had jotted down all the moments when Harvey had humiliated him. Louis wants to buy him out. Frostman sees that Louis, too, wants to stick it to Harvey. Later, Louis tells Harvey that he has convinced Frostman to sell. Harvey is surprised and tells Louis that this is the most genius thing that he has ever done. Louis is happy to hear that and when Harvey wants to know how he got it done, Louis says that they found a common ground. Harvey understands and says, "Charles Forstman got Litt the hell up."

Mike takes the discount offer to Frostman only to hear that Frostman has sold Gillis' industries to Logan. He, however, gives Mike a job offer, which Mike refuses, saying, "go to hell." Shortly afterwards, Mike gets to hear 'you're fired' from Sidwell, as Frostman had informed him about Mike's betrayal.

Katrina finds from Louis that Frostman wants to avoid taxes and thus wants to illegally run his money through Cayman Islands. Louis is supposed to report that, but he does not do that, as reporting that means he will be losing Harvey's respect, once again.

Rachel informs Donna that Mike lost his job. Donna does not want Rachel to tell about the kiss to Mike. However, Rachel has made-up her mind to tell Mike. "Mike trusted me with his secret. I need to find the courage to trust him with this," Rachel tells Donna.

Mike puts all his stuff in his box and walks out of Sidwell Investment Group.

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