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Did Amy really break up with Tommy?I'm not so the end,it seemed like they had gotten together again...

And yeah,as much as I like Amy,she was real mean to Laynie but hey,maybe Amy will realize it's not worth losing everyone in her life....but in the same time I can see why she decided to stay close to him...I can see where she's coming from...she really wanna help him.But I think she should be his friend and not his GF.She's surely gonna end up hurting...

That was a weird ep for Ephram....For once,Bright seemed like the more mature one...I'm counting the days till Ephram and Amy find each other again...

My guess is that by the next ep,we'll be done with Madison [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] At least,I hope so...

ETA:Where was Harold?!I missed him.

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