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Originally Posted by cherrios (View Post)
If they do a Netflix season I don't want another murder. Because they can't kill someone new. It has to be someone with tie to Veronica and tie in for the audience. I would rather an arson case or bank robbery or jewel thief. That hasn't been done before I don't think.
ya that's a good thought, I mean I get why they did one for the movie, it had to be more desperate, but I would love if they somehow tied in gangs and mafia in this one, the castle and the fitzpatricks idea, wherein Logan had to make a deal with his old enemy the Fitzpatricks to defeat the castle was SUCH a good idea, I don't know if it was ever an idea for a plot or if it was just a fan who thought it was....but that would be SO COOL!!!

just the fact that KB said all this about a sequel makes me so excited that it might happen, it could have been the reporting making it seem more likely, or twisting her words so I am still skeptical...*sigh* but it would be so wonderful
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