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Originally Posted by Litmusy (View Post)
I'm surprised there hasn't been links and guffawed reactions to Kristen's interview with People Mag concerning the continuation of Veronica Mars. While it seems so up in the air, the bottom line is that everybody is still willing to give us more VMARS! We can't be that picky. C'mon! It was a slight show, that had an okay movie and without the mob allegiance (which I am proudly a part of), none of this would even exist 7 years later. How many shows have been better in popularity, etc. and tried and failed? Arrested Development was lucky. I don't think any of us should be complaining. Do you know how hard it is to get a crew of a UPN/CW show back together after 7-8 years? The fact that we got a movie is amazing so I don't think we should b*tch in any capacity as to how we receive VMars in the future. Give our opinions? YES. But take offense to any of it? NO! Would you rather it not happen or the comments not be made? C'mon! The ONLY important thing is is that KBell and RThomas AND everybody else still seem to be on board with continuing this amazing show, no matter what the capacity entails. Let's celebrate that and concentrate on actually getting more, rather than b*tching about how it could be better.
I suppose you are right but I don't think I was bitching. This is a forum where we mull things over together.
i didnt really feel i was bitching..

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