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It's so sad to see this board going
You guys, the OP, your posts, your dedication to's so sad and beautiful at the same time. Adie and Clem, I know this was a tough decision for the two and I'm giving you both giant hugs right now for making this choice and for being here when it hurt You're making me want to cry with these posts and all the feelings are coming back. Raddy and Leyla, your posts got me emotional too considering you two were mods and how much he means to you both. I hope I never have to make the decision any of you made but you guys are so strong, I inspire to be like you guys

And Cory. What can I say about Cory? I was never a main poster here but I did come a couple of years ago, I loved being here and talking about Cory and his roles and back then, I'd only seen about one episode of Glee (I've now seen seasons 1-4) but I could tell he was amazing as an actor and both a singer. He was one of the best parts of that show and his songs will be classic forever. I loved him in Monte Carlo so much, I remember watching it sometime last year before he passed, I think it was and I told Clem in a PM how I did and how I loved his Texan accent and he looks so good in the movie. She got mad at me for watching it without her He was an amazing person, his smile lit up his whole face and the room. He was a sweetheart and he's probably watching over his fans, especially you guys, right now, so proud he got people like you guys as his fans. And he will be forever in our hearts even if the board isn't here anymore.

It seems right to close it on that day. As much as it all hurts, it's what you need to do. It's the anniversary of the day we lost him and Heaven gained an Angel. It's the day that's hardest here. It feels like a chapter closing with the board, so all of his fans can try to move on maybe, never forget and to make it feel less fresh. Only time can do that but we all can try so Adie and Clem, Raddy and Leyla too, I love you girls and everyone here I never met, gigantic fandom hug right now

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