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Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating!

Originally Posted by boot-n-rally (View Post)
I am pretty proud of them! I think everyone is. They did really good.
They did I've read that a lot of people are watching soccer now - you guys are catching up

That was really weird. Like dude, you have a good team, what's up with all the changes.
Exactly, we have so many great players, why would you go and shuffle things around like that?

Klose's in the starting lineup today And Lahm is back to his usual position on the right, I hope that improves things. They'll have to really step up if they want to beat France.

Only 53 minutes to go

I'm actually really impressed with goalkeepers, minus Casillas.
I feel bad for Casillas That's not how his career in the NT should have ended.
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