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I loved Logan in the movie, he's grown so much and I think he was genuinely happy before Carrie was killed and he was framed for murder. He had come so far controlling his emotions and his anger. I know some people thought him too sedate and I admit a part of me did think that too at first. But then he was so messed up and so unhappy back then, that I'm glad he got some structure and direction in his life. I think he was more content in his life with the Navy and then Carrie, than Veronica was in hers.

When we meet Logan again, his girlfriend of at least two years has just been murdered and he's been framed for her murder. I do think that Logan was in love with Carrie. I think his love for Carrie was like his love for Lilly. But Veronica will always be the love of his life. He's grieving, scared, worried, and doesn't know how he feels about being around Veronica again. But he keeps collected and was relieved to see someone who he trusted and who believed him. I'm sure Dick believe him too, but Dick's not great in a crisis.

And even though Veronica choose to stick around. He didn't pressure her or try to bring back once had been between them. He respected her space and for all the insanity he was going through he kept calm. There was some flirting and eye longing, but that's what those two do. When Veronica got caught and he had to go on a pretend date with Ruby. He put on the perfect show for Ruby because he knew keeping Ruby happy kept Veronica safe in a way. When Veronica takes the lawyer job, he genuinely congrats her and wishes her the best in her new life. The first time he starts to hope of something more is when Veronica mentions going the long way home.

He saves Keith from the car accident and takes care of Veronica. He doesn't force anything on her, but doesn't fight it when she comes to him. Though it does seem like her, he comes alive again when they finally do come back together again. I really do think they are half of themselves when they are apart and are only whole when they come together again.
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