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Something I don't understand, need to watch the show again. But she's at the pool with the salt lick. Duncan stops that and is drugged by Logan. He leads Veronica away to a empty bedroom. Why does he leave her in the first place giving a chance for her to be taken advantage by Dick and Cassidy and then raped by Cassidy? Did he think she would be safe? Was he feeling the effect of the drug? Why go back to the party when he wasn't having a good time? Was he fearful that he couldn't restraint himself being around her, thinking she was his sister?
For me everything is off. It was perfect before blaming Cassidy for the rape. Then don't know why they writers chose that path and that's when they start messing with the timeline. Because if you think that through, Duncan saves Veronica from the pool and they go to the bedroom and they have sex.

It's Cassidy's storyline that was thrown in the middle which made all that mess.

I don't know if Logan had a crush on her, for me she had caught his eye when he was a boy but not to the point of being a crush. Then Lily appeared in his life and Veronica fell for Duncan therefore any love situation between them could have never happened. He felt an attraction towards her sort of speak, he thought she was hot but at that point he thought Lily was hotter or Lily throw into his arms and he forgot about that pull he had towards Veronica.
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