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Our main problem is not that we haven't users (that is a problem, but not the main one), it's the fact that we have nothing to talk about. Shane and Xander are in Salem, but Salem has its own board now, plus no one here watches it. Same for Sleepy Hollow: Lyndie is in it but even in the past no one said a word about it, here. Maggie's projects are yet to come, like Noah's and Aaron's. The others are doing nothing.

Except for Twitter I don't know where to follow them and I miss all the news. I saw Melinda's Dallas news only because I follow Ausiello on Twitter. I admit also that I stopped following Shane because of all his Salem's tweets

We can't really keep this board alive only playing games because that's not the board purpose. We haven't news, we haven't topics. It was almost impossible to finish a survivor, months ago.

We mods don't know where to find news, when there are some. Anyway even if we had them - and this is our second big problem - there wouldn't be users to comment. The fact that we haven't users doesn't encourage me at looking for stuff to post, honestly. It's already difficult on my other board (even if there I find several news and stuff, but there aren't peple to comment).

A rewatch would be difficult to move on, I think. Personally I don't even have all the DVDs and the reruns on tv goes too fast for (we have two episodes every day). I put up a rewatch months ago on Smash board and it was frustrating, because I was the ONLY one commenting all weeks, except for few episodes.
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