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I think spoilers are allowed since the movie is out on dvd and blu-ray.

I think Dick was a huge tool before we meet him in season one. And I'm betting that at the party he was already three sheets to the wind and might have been on some drugs as well like GHB himself. And Dick had pretty twisted ideas when it came to girls like having sex without a condom with one of the poor girls of Neptune because he thought it was good fun. And he loved tormenting Cassidy, but I do think he genuinely loved his brother and his own twisted way wanted to bring Cassidy into manhood. This doesn't excuse his behavior, but I do think he has changed since then. Not a big change like Logan, but a fair amount.

Something I don't understand, need to watch the show again. But she's at the pool with the salt lick. Duncan stops that and is drugged by Logan. He leads Veronica away to a empty bedroom. Why does he leave her in the first place giving a chance for her to be taken advantage by Dick and Cassidy and then raped by Cassidy? Did he think she would be safe? Was he feeling the effect of the drug? Why go back to the party when he wasn't having a good time? Was he fearful that he couldn't restraint himself being around her, thinking she was his sister?

The timing is just off and all messed up storywise. And it always bugged me.

On regards to Logan and Veronica. I honestly thing that Logan always had a crush on Veronica, whether he knew about about it or not. But it never happened because of Lilly and Duncan. But that cosmic pull was there and I think when the kiss happened, he like Veronica got caught up in the world wind of their confused/energized emotions that were going through both of them. I do think they both were concern about Duncan, maybe her a bit more than Logan. But I think they both felt more guilty when it came to Lilly.

That's what I would love to see in the books. Veronica have a dream about Lilly and them talking about Logan and Veronica's relationship. Just once I would like to hear Lilly's opinion of the LoVe pairing.
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