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Originally Posted by AmidalaEmma (View Post)
yes, duncan was so uncommunicative it was aggravating, which is what made him a sucky BF and Veronica just tolerated it which was also frustrating!!!!

Cherrios: I agree about Dick and Duncan, but Logan: I think he CAN be loyal, but we cant say that is him 100%. If he was 100% loyal to Duncan, he would never have touched Duncans ex-girlfriend Veronica. Thats not loyalty. Yes, Logan loves Veronica, but it badly hurt Duncan and almost ruined their friendship.

actually I take that back, I think he just couldnt help himself with Veronica.....cause it was a LOVE EXPLOSION!!!!

Ive had 4 days off work and Im super bored!! so this is fun!
I was thinking more the Kane family and the memory of Lilly. Well considering who Logan's teacher was in Aaron on how to behave, I'm not surprised. I think after being around Veronica again, Logan's view on loyalty changed. And he realized Lilly wouldn't have wanted Veronica attacked. And they had been friends once too.

I think when it came to Veronica, Logan couldn't stop himself. Those two have a cosmic pull.
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