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Originally Posted by Jp10ah (View Post)
I find this subject so sensitive and i'm going to just say, I don't want anyone to be offended by my thought process. I'm just spewing out what I was thinking while rewatching the series with a new outlook. I've been chewed out so many times for speaking my mind about sensitive topics such as this and I just want to say, I mean no disrespect whatsoever I just have some thoughts on the topic.

I believe they all hold responsibility in some way and it's hard to blame one person. I'm curious though, did Dick really convince Cassidy to have his way with Veronica or was that a scenario that could have happened? I know there's a scene with him doing it but did it actually happen? I can't remember exactly how it played out. I don't want to sound like i'm sticking up for Dick at all but I wonder if he was kind of just teasing Cassidy because he knew he would never do it anyway. Again, I don't want to defend any of these guys but the intention seemed to be that they wanted everyone to have a good time. Veronica assumed it was a roofie but it wasn't. It was a drug given to her without her consent and something bad happened. Everyone there contributed to what happened to Veronica.

Thinking back, I don't think the writers would write that the same way. It's upsetting because Dick is that lovable character now, when he used to be one of the worst. But i suppose that's kind of the theme of the show. Everyone is broken in some way and everyone has a dark past.

I could definitely understand why this is such a sensitive topic.

In my opinion, Dick was a Dick back in the day, I don't care if it was just teasing, leaving Veronica in the room like that and trying to move his hand up her skirt, and telling Cassidy to have his way with her is just.... horrible. ALSO let's not forget Dick had the GHB drug and was going to use it on his girlfriend at the time Madison, that right there speak to what a horrible person Dick was back in the day.

I think the writers definitely wouldn't have written it the same way seeing by how lovable Dick is, I even like him now but I'm holding him against all his actions, no matter how lovable he is now.

Originally Posted by AmidalaEmma (View Post)
I agree with alot of this, i dont see it being Duncans fault and it seemed that Veronica and Duncan were enjoying eachother and expressing their love for oneanother; the way she says I missed you and he strokes her arm....then when she find out it was him and then says "it wasnt rape, I was with Duncan" to Logan.
As for Cassidy, Dick and him and sean brought he into the room, Cassidy raped her, prob put her underwear back on to make her look undisturbed, ran out, threw up on Carries shoes and then Duncan came in and Veronca woke up..
as for Dick, well, this is just something we are supposed to forgive, and Logan too.

Oh and the drug was Liquid X but its also called GHB and can be used as a date rape drug when mixed with alcohol

This is a good thread to get you opinion lashed out.
Anyway, it was Duncan fault as you were stating, for those who watched that scene... they seemed to have been enjoying one another's company and they showed their love for each other during that scene, it was just bad that they were both under the influence, under a drug.

See I understand that explanation, I just don't get where Duncan was... writing wise. Wasn't Duncan the one who brought Veronica up to the room? because he's the one who moved Logan and the other guys away from Veronica when they were outside messing with her... so that part confuses me.
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