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Logan's not a big part of the book, but there are some really nice moments of her thoughts of him while he's gone.

I think Dick was drunk, probably on something, and just plain stupid. He did say once that Dick Sr and him would have contest on making Cassidy cry. I think in Dick's warped mind at the time, he was helping his brother enter adulthood. And I think Dick never thought that Cassidy would actually do it. I'm guessing it probably didn't escape Dick's notice how Cassidy acted about sex. Though Dick knew nothing of the abuse that Cassidy went through with Woody. I think if Dick had known, he probably would still be Dick. But he would have treated Cassidy different and might have gone after Woody. I think the show loved Dick and they loved Ryan. And they wanted to use his character, so they kinda glazed over some of the stuff that happened. Though I do think that Dick feels guilt and remorse for a good portion of the stuff he's done. For all of Dick's faults I do think he genuinely loved his brother and felt major grief and guilt when Cassidy's crimes came out and when he died.

I don't think Dick's intention was to drug Madison and take advantage of her. I think Dick thought it would be fun for them both to take it and have wild party sex since Madison was mostly frigid. I never understood how those two became an item. She's so shallow, cold, selfish, and spoiled diva. While he's this permanent frat boy/surfer boy comment that has no filter with what comes out of his mouth. At least Dick has changed and grown as a character, Madison stays the same horrible person she's always been.

And with Logan, I think he was being stupid and drunk. Logan is very loyal, but that loyalty can sometimes be a bad thing. He sees what Keith and Veronica did being the ultimate betrayal of people he loves dearly. And considering all the anger and rage built up in that boy I'm surprised he didn't do worse things. He was aiming so much of all the crap he was going through badly placed. Having her be a human salt lick is one thing. But I don't think Logan would ever be ok with rape. I think that's the one thing he would have drawn the line on. Not after all the years he's watched Aaron abuse Lynn probably psychically and emotionally and constantly cheat on her. He was a very messed up kid, who just wanted his best friend back. And I don't think he ever thought of using the drugs as taking advantage of anyone. He just thought of using it as a fun party drug, which is can be used sometimes.

I think that piss a bunch of people off. At least for me is how badly it's all written. Duncan rescues Veronica from the salt lick and gets drugged as well. He then drops her off in the room, where Dick takes Cassidy. Who then rapes her. Only to run out and throw up. Duncan comes in a few moments later and wakes her up all peacefully. And their feelings and nature takes over, that's fine.

But how does the timing line up? Cassidy rapes her, but then composes himself enough to put her underwear back on? But then disgust takes over and he runs out and is sick to his stomach? He does all of this with the door open I believe. And then Duncan shows up and she wakes up to him being all gentle, but not Cassidy raping her? I admit that neither Duncan and Veronica were able to give consent. So it was more they unknowingly took advantage of each other.

I think what I can't forgive about Duncan is that he just leaves her there waking up thinking the worse. Though later we know the worse has happen with Cassidy. At the time, sleeping with your ex while your both drugged is horrible, but it's not the same of thinking you have been raped. I never liked the fact that Duncan didn't tell her that they might be half-siblings before Lilly. It wasn't true, but he should have included her in that knowledge. Veronica might had confronted Lianne or Jake, she might have gotten a test done. I just don't see her taking the news and not finding out if it was a hundred percent true first.

And yes he's a teenage boy. Yet both Logan and Wallace are teenage boys and they rose to the occasion to be there for her. Duncan made it all about himself and threw a temper tantrum. Duncan in his own way abandon Veronica several times through out the show. First when he ends things without a word instead of telling her what Celeste told him. Then ditching her when all of Neptune turned on Keith and her. Only coming to her aid a few times. After having sex, leaving the next morning for her to wake up alone. Not informing her of the news that Meg was pregnant with his child.

I just couldn't pair her with Duncan after that. He may not have raped her, but he wasn't that great a boyfriend. And any chemistry they had in season one, just up and vanished, kinda like Duncan.
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