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Originally Posted by eternalâ—˜fate (View Post)

I'll give my detailed view on things, Logan and... I forgot the other person got the GHB from Mexico and brought it to Shelly Pomroy's party, Dick put it in one drink, passed it to Madison, who disgustingly spit in the drink and handled it to Veronica who drank it and that's when all help broke loose. In Veronica's drunken state, a lot of people took advantage of her and was playing around with her, and it seems Veronica kissed a few people... so she was just known as a '****' during that day, and even Logan wasn't any better, putting some drink in her mouth... I don't remember correctly but I know Logan apologized about it in the present. Duncan seeing what everybody was doing, ran to Veronica and helped her and took her away from those guys.

BUT before Duncan leaves, Logan spikes Duncan drink with the same drug that Veronica had... that GHB... for some reason, people seem to think that Duncan was completely in his right mind when he slept with Veronica that night... and if you watched that scene, before they sleep together, they seem to flirt with one another and Veronica is happy he's there and Duncan is happy and they just do it... Duncan mistake was leaving Veronica when he woke up... that's where the whole Cassidy raping Veronica confusing me. lol or did Cassidy have sex with Veronica first?... either way it makes no sense, Duncan brought Veronica to the room, left. AND then came back to sleep and then wake up? I never got that whole thing.

SO me personally, I believe both Veronica and Duncan were under the same drugs and if they weren't, then that night would've never happened. Most of those pathetic Neptune Night School Kids [especially Madison/Dick... and a little bit of Logan for drugging Duncan] are responsible.
I agree with alot of this, i dont see it being Duncans fault and it seemed that Veronica and Duncan were enjoying eachother and expressing their love for oneanother; the way she says I missed you and he strokes her arm....then when she find out it was him and then says "it wasnt rape, I was with Duncan" to Logan.
As for Cassidy, Dick and him and sean brought he into the room, Cassidy raped her, prob put her underwear back on to make her look undisturbed, ran out, threw up on Carries shoes and then Duncan came in and Veronca woke up..
as for Dick, well, this is just something we are supposed to forgive, and Logan too.

Oh and the drug was Liquid X but its also called GHB and can be used as a date rape drug when mixed with alcohol
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