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It was nice Emma calling out Shuester on not using everyone in Glee and playing up their streangths instead of always doing the norm. When he finally decieded to take that to heart, you think it would have changed things for the long run, but sadly Rachel/Finn were right back to where they thought they belong by nationals. I wish we had seen everyones reaction to Santana getting a solo which was very big for her.

Zizes was such a great addition to the team, she naturally fit in with everyone and such a tragedy that she never got a proper song and how they just got rid of her come S3 so they could maintain their quota of not meeting quota and so they could bring in useless Glee Project kids. S3 in general if not S4 should've given us our biggest member count for the Glee club. The writers knew that they would be graduating people and still focusing on McKinley, so them not taking the opportunity to bring in majority of the S4 kids was just a bad idea. Marley/Kitty/Jake all should've been introduced in S3.

While I like me some Brittana, I also like me some Bartie. They were such a good couple and it really helped Brittany grow somewhat as a character. Of course all of that was swept under the rug come S3.

Sam/Quinn were so freakin charming that it makes me want to hurl but I actually liked their courtship over the season. It is weird knowing that again come S3 the two act like they never had anything.

It was so refreshing having Finn/Rachel having nothing to really do during sectionals while Santana/Quinn/Sam/Brittany/Mike took over.
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