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Duets gave meaningful scenes to all of them. Sue didn't distract them as she usually does, and it was about music.
That was the most important thing for me. I know Lea is the lead, but considering it's technically an ensemble show, then it should be written as an ensemble show.

Also, can you point out another episode in which Finn and Rachel were a couple and did something couple-like without the threat of imminent breakup?
The s3 Christmas episode comes to mind.

While I already noticed it back then, but wow were they hell bent on keeping the Unholy Trinity in their Cheerios uniforms. They were even in them when they weren't in school.
RIP Brittany and Santana's s2 outfits (post quitting Cheerios).

The show was much tighter when it was just those 3 writing the show for S1-2.
Exactly, as much as we complained about the "bad" eps, their bad eps from early seasons were nowhere near as terrible as some of the newer writer episodes.

Something that makes me very sad is the fact that they basically decided that it was a good idea to make Sam super dumb, when he actually had an original and somewhat authentic storyline and personality (homeless, but the good boy next door personality, who had a bit of a learning disability (I think he's dyslexic? or is that Ryder?), but ugh s4 just ruined him for me.
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