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I actually expect less promotion for it Amanda. It must be difficult for them to talk about him and maybe also out of respect for him? But I don't know. You never know with Rachel, I wasn't expecting her to promote To The Wonder and she did.

AMWM is part of Rolling Stone's 'Alt-Summer Film Preview 2014: 20 Non-Blockbuster Movies to Check Out' list:
'A Most Wanted Man' (July 25)
This adaptation of John le Carré's thriller about an intelligence officer chasing down terrorists in Hamburg has taken on a new significance: It revolves around one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's final performances, complete with an understated German accent and chilling sense of world-weariness. But Anton Corbijn's moody, brooding spy-vs-spy drama could not serve as a better tribute to the late star; the way that Hoffman enlivens the suspense without overshadowing the proceedings reminds you of what an incredible talent this guy was.
Alt-Summer Film Preview 2014: 20 Non-Blockbuster Movies to Check Out Pictures - 'A Most Wanted Man' July 25 | Rolling Stone
ETA: I was also thinking that Rachel's appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? might be part of the promotion? If they will air her episode on July 23 (the season premiere date) then it would be perfect timing for the US release of AMWM
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