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Aww that sucks you gotta work!

A Misha meet and greet story from JIB con.

Misha MG

Luckily I got to sit at the left hand of Misha on the Meet and Greet. He looked tired (TBH everyone in the room is tired) and he had hoarse voice, a little bit like Cas’. I wanted to ask him if he was well, but I remembered he doesn’t like people telling him “you look tired,” which he translates as “you look like ****.”
He greeted everybody in the room, and said “wow half of the people here are from Asia.” It’s true. We had five fans from China and three from Japan.
Misha then said “they’re taking over.” Louise promptly answered: “but you’re always the overlord.” To which I spat my tea. He laughed and said “see, she’s vomitting at what you said.”
I asked him about Random Acts’ new project in Nicaragua. I was curious when it will begin and what it will be about. Misha said the project is for next year. RA has found its counterpart in Nicaragua, which will designate the project. He said local organizations know more about what local needs, so he prefers such cooperation.
A fan from Japan asked if there will be a sequel for TSA America. As soon as she opened her mouth, Misha said “Oh! You practiced your English! I can tell!”
Well, just what can I say, he has memory of a copy machine.
He said there probaby will not be a sequel for TSA America, but he will definitely develop new projects. He said the long glove they used on the Danneel scene was very hard to find, and finally they found a pair for vets, which are supposed to be used on horses.
We asked him about his new wedding ring. He said he lost the second one again (and that one was something very cheap) so Vicki made a new one for him. She adopted the shape of the ring from entwined seaweed, and she wanted to go back to the basics, that is to carve nine holes on the ring (if you’re familiar with the supposed-to-be-10-holes-but-actually-it-had-nine-holes story, you’ll know what I’m talking about). But well, she ****ed up again, the ring turned out to have only eight holes.
(Vicki is the cutest okay! And this is true love okay!)
The day before Matt told the turbulence story again on his panel, so we were curious about how he dealt with the pee on his shirt afterwards. Misha said we apparently don’t have child. He said there’s nothing to do but to let it dry out.
He then talked about how Richard scared to take flights and always asked them to book the same flight with him, but this time when they all booked the flight, Richard changed his trip plan haha
We also talked about West and Maision. He said Maison has started to talk, and West has got to get along with her (but he still pees on her.) He said he wanted to do a 7-up style of “Cooking Fast and Fresh With West” series, till West is a father and he is a grandfather, and West can continue to do it his children, “but maybe after the next one he’ll be like ‘Dad it’s stupid we don’t do this anymore!’” I teared up a little at this.
The MG is really short and I have so much more to talk to him, but it’s just over. As I was sitting fairly close to him, he looked at me in the eye for several times. I don’t know why but every time he looked at me, I had to lower my eyes to avoid that sincere, piercing look. His eyes are magic. (And his hands are the most beautiful thing in the world.)
And Misha is such a sensitive, considerate man wow I do hope I can have someone like him in my life, and I do believe I’m not the only one.
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