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Tony finding his cut-out & then Gibbs & McGee finding him

Delilah dated a drug dealer before dating McGee? Big difference... Like the way Tony used that to get information

Love Delilah, McGee, & Abby working together

Ducky & Palmer undercover Loved that & McGee's bit too

Tony: "We have showered together" & the SWAK reference is nice

McGee's final favour Glad the couple got married

That was nice of Tony to tell McGee about Delilah's plans & I can understand why she wants to go. Hope they do make things work

So many more great moments, some of which were already posted in here . Agreed it had all the elements of a great NCIS episode & what makes me love the show

Random possible fact: When Vance is talking to the guy with glasses (who I think is with the CIA) they walk near a water feature which I think is the same one that Ziva & McGee get pushed into in the 3rd episode of the 3rd season (the episode Ziva joins the team in). I've seen it recently & it looked like the same one
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