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I think it’s always been clear that Rumbelle is about the dynamic of light and dark, but what I love is how the cinematography reflects that. Belle is nearly always portrayed in the light when she’s with Rumple, and it’s so beautiful. Rumple is the actual embodiment of darkness, so his name “The Dark One” implies, and Belle is quite literally the light in that darkness. From the beginning, at the very start of their romantic relationship when she falls from the window, Rumple is both metaphorically and literally filled with light. Since then, Belle has always been his guide in the darkness. And I absolutely loved the Rumbelle scene, however short it was, in A Curious Thing when Belle grabs his hand and the first word out of his mouth is “light.” Of course seconds later we find out he’s actually answering their question of how to defeat Zelena (light magic), but the double meaning there is brilliant. And I didn’t include it in this gifset, but I think it’s interesting how when Rumple “dies” after he stabs Pan he is bathed in light. Through Belle (and also Bae) he emerged from the darkness and chose love over power.
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