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thanks for the new thread. can you change my name in the opening post please
What was the previous nickname?

gosh i still watn a season 3

I liked the Michael and Julia ending, even if it was only a scene. There was promise - but after all everything was left open. I know that it was because they hadn't the time to wrap it, but the open ending leave always space for something in the future. It's a wishful thinking, I know

I read some people saying that a S3 without Broadway as focus would have brought the show in a position worse than S2, in terms of ratings and all. Since it was a show about Broadway and theatre, focusing on a movie - musical, but always a movie - wouldn't have brought back viewers. So it would have been too far from the original premise, some say.

I don't know, this can be true because with a show about theatre it's a risk to make theatre the B-story. I think the only theatre songs would have been some glimpses of Bombshell and (probably) the Hit List new ones that weren't at the concert (Safran said that we'd have surely heard them in the show). So maybe not exactly a good move.

But maybe the movie would have felt like Broadway, who knows I would have enjoyed it for sure, but I've never been much critic of the storylines in general.

Who knows? It's also possible that, instead people would have liked the change. I guess for audience having a show with the same plot every season - the making of a musical aka the writing/directing problems, actors fights, Tonys etc - could look boring after some seasons. It wouldn't be boring for me, but maybe in general it would a movie with the theatre feeling could also attract not Broadway fangirls, being a more "open" theme.
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