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Legally Hot [Alicia&Cary] Thread #24 - "Thank you" "For?" "Making me do this."

Welcome to the 24th
{ Cary Agos & Alicia Florrick }
Appreciation Thread


This Is the place to talk about the journey of Cary Agos and Alicia Florrick from Enemies to Frenemies and how they ended up being Friends.
Starting as First Years in a competition to get the job both wanted was never easy on them.
They liked each other, but with the fate about only one person staying at the firm right in front of them
they never got the chance to really get to know each other. After losing against Alicia they drifted apart shortly,
Cary angered by the loss of his job trying to find anyway possible to make things harder on her, without trying to hurt her.
For a long time, it seemed like they would never recover from their big fallout but time healed the pain and the anger and made them see reason.
Slowly they reconnected, and although they now worked against each other, the one thing that was never lost between them was the respect they had.
In the end it was Alicia that made it possible for him to come back to Lockhart&Gardner,
when she realized that he was not only a really good guy but someone who was really good at his job.
Going out for drinks, days later, to celebrate his return to the firm was the beginning of their friendship,
with them leaving the conflicting past behind
and slowly through the course of the first months working together they only grew closer together,
with an unbreakable trust between the...

to be continued.

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Future Thread Title Suggestions
-'Cause it's a love/hate relationship!
- Cause no matter what will happen, we know they like each other
- Cause come on Alicia! Cary is way too cool for Twitter
- Both are good in what they do, but together they are unstoppable.
- Let's fire Bree! Alicia and Care are much better anyway
- 'Cause they have each other's back!

Cary: I have learned a lot by watching Alicia. She's definitely got some serious skills
1.03 - Home

Alicia: It gets easier as you go.
Cary: My interest has never been in litigation.
1.03 - Home

Alicia: You're quite the skilled negotiator.
Cary: Hey you did all the heavy lifting. Seriously well done Alicia, well done.
Alicia: thanks Cary.
1.03 - Home

Cary: 'I like you'
Alicia: 'I like you too, I need you to pull it together now'
1.14 - Hi

Alicia: 'I didn't tell him'
Cary: 'Why didn't you? We're in a contest you know, why didn't you tell him?'
Alicia: 'I... there are so many people lined up against us, I just don't want one more'
Cary: 'I don't want you to lose'
Alicia: 'I know. I don't want you to lose either'
Cary: 'I kinda like you.'
Alicia: 'I'm surprised, but I kind of like you too'
1.14 - Hi

Alicia: "How are you Cary?"
Cary: "I don’t know…maybe tough for letting you for awhile."
Alicia: Well, good luck."
Cary: "Thank you."
2x17 Ham Sandwich

Alicia: "Thank you."
Cary: "You’re welcome."
Alicia: "I don’t get it.
Cary: "Uh… wow."[he laughs]
Alicia: "What’s so funny?"
Cary: "Things change."
Alicia: "They do."
Cary: "I like working with your husband."
Alicia: "He likes working with you. "

Alicia: “You don’t seem happy here, Cary.”
Cary: “Really? Here in my cubicle? I’ve got my Family Circus cartoons
and my ficus. What more could I want?”
3x20 - Pants on Fire

Alicia: "You get pretty hard to beat these days.Better to have you here"
3x21 - The Penalty Box

Alicia: “To Cary Agos – welcome back to the dark side.”
Cary: “To Alicia, who got a judge off today…”
3x21 - The Penalty Box

Alicia: "Welcome."
4x02 Don't haze me, bro

Cary: “You’re tougher now. You’re smarter about things.”
Alicia: “Is that good or bad?”
Cary: “Probably neither, just necessary.”
4x07 Anatomy of a Joke

Alicia: "People change on you"
Cary: "You changed on me"
4x07 Anatomy of a Joke

Moment of the Thread


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