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|| The LP;;

Disc One

Disc Two

About 'The Balancing Act':
This soundtrack could be called a character study of Jack through music.
No character on 'Lost' is more complex or layered than that of Jack Shephard.
He is not the antiquated hero; he's been broken, tortured, and hurt.
He's flawed but, the beauty of this is that he rises above those flaws
in order to achieve a greater purpose. Through all the brokenness and
the bruises lies a man with a good heart; a strength that sometimes he
doesn't even realize he has. He loves, cares, and is willing to sacrifice
whatever it takes for his people. He's stubborn, a fighter with a will that
is much stronger than the circumstances that have been thrown his way.
Even when we find him broken after leaving the island he's still fighting for
the concept of good. Jack's journey has constantly been an endeavour to find an equilibrium;
between taking control and letting go, between denial and acceptance.
It's a search for that balance between his past and the promise of his future;
between reason and logic, and the freedom that comes with taking a leap of faith.
This soundtrack is a study on Jack and his journey to find his balance.
His destiny. This is his balancing act.

|| The EP;;

The EP;;

About 'C&CL': 'Through the Looking Glass' is without a doubt one of the best episodes in the entire series of Lost.
Jack, on island, at the height of leadership is juxtaposed with Jack in the future who has hit rock bottom.
There's a dichotomy present in this episode where we find Jack in a place we hadn't thought we'd see before.
Tortured. Suicidal. Broken. Addicted. Empty.
This EP is dedicated to the flashforward character of Jack within the episode. Each song is meant to fit within
the context of the flashforward with the knowledge that we now have of what happened to drive him to the place
he has reached during the episode. While at moments dark, there are those flickers of light for the duration
of the soundtrack, much like we see throughout the flashforward in the episode, when even while in pain Jack
still has a drive and a will to find what he's meant to be doing; to get back to the island; to rise from the ashes
and be an even stronger version of the man he once was; to be redeemed and to ultimately find his purpose.

Making this LP & EP was a true labor of love for a character we have such a strong connection to.
We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we loved putting them together. - Ashlee, Carlie, & Carrie -

|| The Credits;;

Fede (Whatsername): OP appreciation banner, reasons, soundtrack header, & 'hobbies' banners
Laura ( Laura ): Season banners & top flashbacks/flashforward banners
Luka (lulinha_k): 100th icons, animations, & top outfit banners
Laura (at atomicapples): Men's Health photoshoot art
Jen (rockthecreek): Foxy 'Details' transparents
Carrie (LoveyKJ23): S5 writeup, LP & EP covers, backs, and song arts
Alesia (tofillupthedays): S2 writeup
Lies (Lostbeth): S1 writeup
Carlie (Carlie06): soundtrack co-creator & S4 writeup
Ha (chase the memories): 100th icons
Ashlee (Ash_lost): colored Foxy pics, quotes art, 1st OP headers, soundtrack co-creator,
soundcard lyric transparents, Jack Shephard header, quote/header transparents
S3 writeup, tv & film banners, soundtrack writeups, 100th art,
top scene banners (inspired by poupa), & post concept/layout

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