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Doctor. Leader. Hero. Heart&Soul.

"I have a son, he's about your age. He's not like me. He does what's in his heart.
He's a good man. Maybe a great one." ~ Christian

|| The Scenes;;

An eye opens. We see a man lying in the jungle. Scared. LOST. Slowly, in pain,
he gets up and emerges from the jungle to discover a crash site. He directly goes
over and helps as many people as he can. He saves them.
He's in control. His name, Jack.
Moments later, when things have
calmed down, he meets a woman, Kate, who helps him stitch the wound on his back.
He tells her a story about fear, and tells her he's a doctor, a spinal surgeon.
Jack&Kate continue to grow closer each episode and you can see that he's falling in love
with her. In this season we find out who Jack Shephard is and how he gets pushed in the
role of a leader without wanting to be there.
We discover more about his past and his troubled relationship with his father,
Christian Shephard. When he finds the coffin of his father in the caves,
Jack starts to see visions of Christian being on the island, and tells Kate
that his father died in Sydney and as his story continues we learn that Jack blames himself
for that. His father always told him that Jack wouldn't be good enough, that he wasn't strong
enough to be a leader, to fix things. And Jack believed him.
When Boone is dying Jack gives in everything to save him, he even donates his own blood
after hours of surgery, but Boone dies. Jack takes his anger out on Locke who was partly
responsible for Boone's death. Locke tells him about the hatch he and Boone found.
The season ends with them opening the hatch and looking down in a deep dark hole. ~Liesbeth

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight,
but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

"Jack, a wonderfully layered and complex character
who's so much more than a hero." - EW

"Jack is definitely my first love." ~ Damon Lindelof

"Why do you find it so hard to believe?" a baffled Locke asks Jack
in the season opener "Man Of Science, Man of Faith." One can hardly
blame him considering he's asked to push a button to "save the world", essentially.
That's what happens when he descends into the hatch he wanted to use for shelter to
find a man, Desmond, claiming he has been entering numbers in a computer to save the
world for three years. What's more is this man actually recognizes him because they've
met before the crash with Desmond telling Jack he'll "see him in another life."
Is it coincidence or fate?
Desmond goes AWOL but not before giving Jack the numbers to enter.
Locke wants to keep this number pushing business going and thinks its a two person job.
He wants Jack to enter them first and he flat out refuses. But Locke, as well as Jack,
knows that a part of him must believe in this or he wouldn't be there in the first place
so he stubbornly enters the numbers.

Much of season two involved the mysterious Others and Jack at odds with them.
From meeting a bearded 'Zeke' who told him this was *their* island and forced
him to give up their weapons, to meeting the likes of Henry Gale--an important
Other pretending to be someone else when he was captured, Jack was always willing
to go to battle. The season ends with a traitorous Michael leading Jack and company
to the Others camp in the rouse of going after Walt when he really plans on trading
them for Walt. Jack is aware of this but he tells his people
"You have to know that I would never bring
you out here if I didn't have a plan."

Sayid planned to ambush the Others at their camp. Unfortunately, Michael's more
devious then they thought and leads them to a clearing where the Others capture
Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer.

In the flashbacks, we saw how Jack met his future wife, Sarah. Her spine was almost
inoperable and she would most likely be paralyzed. While he was very clinical and
lacked some compassion, he felt an emotional pull towards her and promised to "fix her."
Amazingly, he did so and they would marry but it would always be a strain on their
marriage as seen in 'The Hunting Party'. She resented that he was such a committed
man to his work telling him that "you will always need something to fix."
before leaving him for another man. ~Alesia

Between the idea, and the reality; Between the motion, and the act falls the shadow.”

“Jack is an incredibly tense dude. He’s a man that commits to what he
believes in with everything that he is. To a degree, he’s got an
adventuresome spirit. He's the moral compass of the show
and as the characters start to disintegrate because of the circumstances
they are in, Jack will always be the guy that is leading by example,
although he’s going to make mistakes.” ~ Foxy

“I don’t buy into the notion of pure heroes. I think that is sort of an antiquated idea.
For me it is more exciting to play guys like Jack who are very human,
like we all are, and flawed in many ways but in very difficult
circumstances do very heroic things and find some redemption in that.
I think that is very interesting and challenging and relatable to me.” ~ Foxy

Jack has always been a man of action; so when he was held in the Hydra
by the Others at the beginning of S3, unable to do anything about it,
he refused to be a cooperative prisoner; that is until he thought his friends'
happiness and lives were at stake. Rather than turn his back he did something
inherent to his heart--he sacrificed everything.
He put his life on the line, without a shadow of a doubt in his mind that
he would be killed for his actions. He did it out of love. Those two words
probably best describe Jack's journey throughout Season 3 – love and sacrifice.
Love for his people, love for a woman, sacrifice for his friends, and sacrifice for love.
He was willing to give up everything if it meant leading the rest of his people to rescue and safety.
His selflessness and leadership led his people to what they all believed was rescue.
We found however, that in the future Jack was a mess.
Broken. Shattered. Empty.
Far from the man we knew on the island, but it’s those moments in between the
hurt and the pain he was going through when we see that glimmer of hope;
when he’s still saving people, still caring for others, feeling for others,
still loving, still trying with all his might to do what he believes is right.
It’s that light in his eye that lets us know he's still there, that he’ll be back.
In the words of Faulkner, he "will not merely endure. He will prevail." ~Ashlee

I'll do anything for you. I did everything for you.”

"I think, way down, he is. He is an instinctual leader and an
instinctual very heroic guy, but he has all this baggage and this
really almost disturbing back story with his father. It's a strange relationship,
but it's one that I think every single man can relate to."~ Foxy

"The fact that he is suicidal ... I think there are little insinuations
that the island doesn't let people leave. My interpretation is that he feels
that there is something unfinished (on the island). He's desperate and he feels
like there is some fate or destiny that lies there." ~ Foxy

Hope. Jack Shephard was full of it. He had just successfully secured
his people a ticket off the island. He was, for the first time, completely relieved.
He almost seemed carefree. For 100 days, give or take, he had worked so hard on
getting them off the island and then for it to finally happen, it was freeing.

Stripped. He got off the island. Just not in the way he expected. It wasn’t all 40 of
survivors. It was only six. And while the lie they told, the lie they made up to
protect those left on the island was successful, it began to slowly eat away at
Jack’s already fragile state. In the beginning, all seemed fine. He entered a
relationship with Kate and he was happy. Truly happy. And he finally started to
believe that leaving the island was a good thing. That it was supposed to happen
like this. Yet the signs never left him. The lingering doubt was always present
whether it was the form of a three-year-old little boy or a supposed deceased father
that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t supposed to be back in civilization.
He was supposed to be on the island.

Destiny. Towards the end of this journey, we saw Jack at his lowest he’s ever been.
It was the place where the only thing he had left was one he never thought
he’d have to rely on – faith. He didn’t know why he was meant to go back to the island.
He didn’t know why those he left behind were in danger. All he had was faith.

So, in the end, this season we saw Jack experience three things. Hope - when he realized
that after 100 days of death, life, love, and heartache, he was finally getting
off the island. Stripped – as he began to realize that leaving
the island like he did, living this lie back in civilization would not ever
sit right in his mind. Destiny – when he accepted that his life, his
meaning in this world would be experienced at the very place he was so desperate
to leave, the island. ~Carlie

Man performs, engenders so much more than he can or should have to bear.
That's how he finds he can bear anything.”

"Season four, I would say, was one of the harder seasons,
particularly the last batch of episodes--they were grueling.
Playing all the scenes leading up to the moment over [Locke's] coffin
with Michael Emerson (Ben) was tough. It was even to the point where I thought,
'I really, really hope this is the last time that I have to come [to this emotional place]
so that I can start moving Jack past that turn that he is going to make shortly after that." ~ Foxy

"I think he is really hard on himself, but I think he is desperately fighting
for the concept that human nature falls down on the side of good.
I believe the island has something involved with human nature falling
down on the side of bad. That's why he wants to leave. He's very suspicious of the place." ~ Foxy

The number 5 has been a defining character element in the story of Jack Shephard.
It represents a tried and true method he uses to conquer his fear and overcome frightening situations.
So it makes sense that Season 5 marks a turning point in Jack’s life.
No longer is he the type of man who only believes in what he can actually see and touch;
he’s starting to believe in fate;
destiny and powers beyond this world that are invisible to those who refuse to see them.
He’s not just taking a leap of faith in Locke or the island, but in himself and his companions as well.
It’s a completely different Jack than we have ever seen before.
After overcoming his addiction and putting that part of his life behind him, he’s now back on the island,
ready to see the signs the island is giving him and
ready to accept and conquer whatever challenges await him.
Jack is officially on his way to learning what it means to rely on faith, because sometimes,
that’s all you’ve got and at times, it can be the most powerful force on earth.
Jack is now heading down a path that will free him from the bonds of science and the idea
that there is no such thing as destiny or powers that are bigger than ourselves,
a path that will show him strength and courage inside of him he never knew existed and
most importantly, that miracles can and do happen. ~Carrie

He will not merely endure. He will prevail.

"I've been looking forward to that for some time, because it's been
increasingly more difficult for me to rationalize that Jack,
after everything he's seen with his own two eyes and what he's
been through, could still actually create a bubble of denial;
that he is still sticking to this concept of logic, reason and reality
that he is defining for himself. It became more and more difficult,
which would be his actual experience, But I was looking forward to
where he is now, sort of jumping off that cliff a bit and feeling the
free fall of not knowing. And also the idea that Jack doesn't control
it all and there is something bigger than him that he has to follow." - Foxy

"I've always believed part of what was destroying him
was his lack of physical proximity to the Island. He is fated to do something on the Island,
and he has fought that with every fiber of his body, and in doing that,
the Island is destroying him from afar. When he finds himself back in this place,
he's wide-eyed and alert. He knows he's in the path of his own destiny." ~ Foxy

"For 90 days I've been asked to make decisions for this entire camp.
There ya go. I just made one."

|| favorite Flashbacks&Flashforwards;;






"There are pieces of me in everybody, but if I had to pick one, it would be Jack Shephard.
His character is kind of a relentless seeker of truth in a way, and even though
he comes into the series as a repository of science and reason, he's susceptible to
the entreaties of faith and belief and increasingly so as the series goes on.
The journey of his character is to find a place for both those sides of the
temperamental coin, if you will. That journey just makes intrinsic sense for myself."
~ Stephen Williams, director

"At heart, he’s a very pure hero but they have also made
him willing to torture for a higher purpose. He’s willing to go to a really dark
side of himself to get a bigger goal accomplished and that’s really wonderful.” ~ Foxy

|| favorite Outfits;;

"When it's all said and done, you'll be able to look at the six seasons of Lost and
see a pretty amazing character arc. Jack has been evolving, and not necessarily
into a good place. We started the show with him being this hero who had no
concept of what that required, sort of trying to live up to the expectations...and then finding
the way to redeem himself." ~ Foxy

"Jack Shephard is the hero of the show, where it all begins." ~ Damon Lindelof

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