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I’m back sorry for the delay

First, all the weezer’s songs playing were a treat to me since it was one of my favorite band back in the days, I still have all their CDs in my cd case

Rae and Finn

Rae broke Finn’s heart but also mine. I liked them together but never to the point of actually shipping them, but I realized after this episode how wrong I was. Their relationship is so natural, I see Finn as the kind of guy who’s not a talker, and more a person who follow is instincts/feelings: He doesn’t know why he wants to be with her, but he knows he feels good around her and that’s enough for him. I appreciate that despite his broody nature he had always tried to talk to her/ask her if everything was ok. I’ve seen the light and their perfection and I want more of that.

Rae and Chloe

The part with the girls were interesting, because it showed that Rae could belong if she wanted to but that there was a price to pay, also that despite all her personal problems she is still the strongest one of the pair. I’ve always thought the show was about Chloe and Rae friendship falling apart but I realized it is about how they grow up to become real friends.

Rae and Archie

Archie playing guitar and singing was a nice throwback to S1 . She was soooooo wrong to out him when he wasn’t ready for it. The scene was impeccable, Sharon is such an amazing actress, with Dan, they play off each other so well. I’m sure she didn’t want to hurt him but she was just fed up with everything, still it was very very wrong.

Rae and Liam

I like that Rae has someone she can talk to, who can see through her, plus he is light and fun. I hope someday that person can be Finn though.

Last and not least: The tiny backpack fashion, the BSB poster the 90s in all their glory

I love this show to bits I wish they made more episode per season.
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