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Finally I'm a bit more rested to be coherent enough to explain my voting. I chose those three episodes - Pilot, The Unveiling and Home.

My post for sure can't be that detailed and good written as Michelle, but hey I will try my best .

Usually most TV series Pilots try to set up the main story of the series so a lot of times you get too much in one episode. Most people don't feel the characters or the story right from the bat and need more episodes to warm up. Everwood didn't have that problem.

Right from the start you know the story for this show - father and son finding their way together. Right from the start you feel for Andy and how lost he is as he lost his wife, you feel for Ephram for losing his mother and you even know why he has problems with his father, you feel for Delia and how confused she is seeing her father talking to non existent person. All main characters are written wonderfully (with the exception of Bright maybe and to some extent Harold to me which needed more time so that we could know why they dislike Andy and Ephram) and you feel their vibe.

In a lot of shows the writers and the actors need time to get used to the characters, but Everwood didn't have this problem either. All those small details were just so well written - from Delia wearing baseball hat to Ephram playing piano in the end.

The Unveiling

I loved this episode for lots of reasons. First I found Julia's character really good and I was happy to see some interaction between Ephram and his mother. I also loved the way this episode was set up. It showed us a big reason for Ephram's behavior towards Andy. I gotta be honest if I've thought that one of my parents had cheated on the other I would be pretty angry myself. I also loved the way it was revealed that actually Julia was the one cheating. The episode raised also a lot of questions about infidelity and when you are justified (if you could be actually justified for infidelity). I could see the conflict in Andy - he wasn't sure himself if he wanted to taint Ephram's memory of his mother. Powerful episode and I loved all bits related to the Brown's family. Colin's sub story was interesting, but the focus for me of this episode is the Julia/Andy background history.


Perfect end of the first season. Colin was big part of the story in the first season and no matter if you liked him or not he was the link between our main characters (Andy, Harold, Amy, Ephram) so to watch a 17 years old boy fighting for his life being confused and lost was moving to watch. Loved how Andy shared a memory with Julia and the car with Ephram and Delia. It was something small and yet so touching.
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