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Originally Posted by fractured moonlight (View Post)
I agree. Just because he didn't say a list doesn't mean he didn't think of reasons. I'm sure Finn knows why he likes her but it could be yeah he's not good with words or maybe he felt he shouldn't have to justify why he wants to be with her. Maybe that's how it felt to him.
ITA, it probably never occurred to him to think and ponder why he likes her. He just does, period. I always thought he was intrigued by her from the start because she’s probably very different from other girls he hangs out with and then he didn’t know how to interact with her and came off as a bit of a jerk. And as they got closer, the feelings grew because they really had a good time around each other and had a few interests in common.

Apart from my usual RF feels , I have to say that the Rae/Liam scenes were pretty great especially the last one where she blew off Stacey and walked out of the restaurant. I think he’ll be a good outlet for her in terms of getting her to loosen up and not worry so much about what others think about her. So yeah, I’m onboard for this friendship as long as it doesn’t turn into anything more.
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