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This episode is already breaking my heart even more. Ugh! So much angst!

It's so sad but I totally understand why he couldn't be friends with her.

Poor Rae.

Rae's face when she sees her mom.

Aww to this Archie/Rae scene.

It's so sad she can't eat in front of others. And that guy is an ass.

It's nice Sally came to her defense but... yeah it's hard to believe she's sincere.

Love Chloe told to go a head and let it out.

OMG Archie wrote a song for her and is singing it to her outside her winding. So sweet.

It's weird she's telling Archie not to be fake but then Rae is kinda doing the same thing.

Sucks Chloe told about Rae breaking up with Finn.

Aww Rae telling herself not to cry.

Feel sorry for Chloe in this.

The awkwardness with Finn and Rae is aww but also sad. Her face when she put on BSB.

OMG. Rae's mom catching Rae with the food and Karim with a cigarette.

Aww to Danny finding the ducks relaxing.

Rae fainting for lack of food. Kester looks so worried.

Can't believe she told Stacy.

Archie really doesn't need to do that. Not fair to the girl but I love Archie brought up to Rae about being fake. But no they are breaking my heart.

Stacey is a bitch!

Rae's face when Lois said they told each other they love each other.

Rae standing up to Stacey is so awesome! Stacey is such a bitch!

Really liking Liam this episode and liking the Rae/Liam scenes.

Hell yes to Chloe standing up to Stacy too.

I'm not so sure she was still mad at Archie over the thing in episode 2 but I do feel she is still hurt over him pretending to like her. She understood but it still hurt and made her feel even more awful. I feel she didn't want another girl going through that and it wasn't fair of Archie to do that. However her outing Archie was still messed up and sucks she did it.

Hate that not only are Rae/Finn breaking my heart so are Archie/Rae.
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