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I haven't seen this episode yet but just going from what you guys are saying first off I feel so bad for Finn and I am disappointed there wasn't as much of him in the episode. I get why he doesn't want to be friends with Rae right now even though it will be hard to watch.

As for Archie, I thought it was messed up in the last episode when he laughed along as everyone was making fun of Rae. I'm not saying that excuses her for outing him but I do wonder if she is still mad about that. Also, even though I don't think it was her place to out him like that, at the same time, I feel bad for the girl he was leading on. Rae herself, knows what it feels like to be that girl. She had feelings for Archie at one point and he led her to believe he felt the same way, then she ended up getting her feelings hurt. It's really not fair to girl. And if she had talked to Archie in private, who knows if he would have listened to reason. I'm not saying what she did was right, I can just see the reason behind why she did it, Hopefully they can still be friends.
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