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The Friendship Turbulence
Directed by Mark Cendrowski
Story by Molaro, Kaplan, Hernadez
Teleplay by Reynolds, Holland, Ferrari

Not going to be detailed, my memory is already failing me. Continuity is not ignored by the writers and this episode will make you happy.

Scene 1: LS apartment
NO TABLE! Gang eating dinner Bernie tucks a tag down in Raj's shirt. He says that the first time he's been touched by a women in 2 years, Thanks! Howard says stop talking to my wife like that. Raj should try dating however his dating record is about as successful as P's acting career. Silence. L/P fight about his remarks about career. P turns down a sequel for Serial Apist 2. S/H take digs at one another. Bernie demands to know why S is so mean to H. Sheldon provides an account of 9 years 11 months and 3 weeks of torture. Bernie tells H he was mean and deserves Sheldon's grief.

Scene 2: Outside Raj/Amy (this scene was the one Bill tweeted about being outside)
Raj asks Amy for help with the online dating. Raj points out that she has only gotten one kiss in 3 years. ( it was funny, don't freak)

Scene 3: S office
Howard comes to make amends to S. Bernie's breast made him do it. H invites S to Houston to tour the Space Center with a real astronaut. S asks whos the astronaut. He accepts the trip and he vows to be a better friend to H

Scene 4: A lab
Raj shares with Amy an online profile. He wants her to reply to her on his behalf, she tries not to

CAR Scene: Penny takes S on errand in her car. Car breaks down. Great stuff about her check engine light

Scene 5: LS apartment
Guys playing board game. Penny comes in to share with L that her car is totally dead and its horrible. She made a horrible mistake, should have taken the sequel role, and probably should return to the Cheesecake Factory

Scene 6: A lab
Raj gets update on Amy's messaging to Emily (online date). Ends up Amy has a date with Emily as they have a lot in common. Emily was put off that he was working by proxy.

CAR Scene: S/H/B Bernie taking guys to airport

Scene 7: P apartment
L taking Penny to get her job back at the Cheesecake Factory. At the end, he provides her with a new car.
Because of the new car, she doesn't have to go back to CF. Leonard provided her transport to get to audition and there is no longer the need to go back. It was a sweet Lenny moment.

Scene 8: Airplane
S/H on the plane. S has to go to the bathroom (H in the aisle). S being obnoxious per usual and they fight and Howard decides not to let him pee. As the fight was going to escalate, turbulence started gentle at first, then stronger. They are scared

Scene 9: A/R coffee shop
Amy is meeting with Emily. They have a lot in common. Amy's making a new friend. She tries to pitch for Raj's again, but he interrupts the moment by showing up uninvited. Ruins it for both of them.

Tag: S/H on the airplane surviving the turbulence.

Sorry for the brevity
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