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Great post, Jaime!! Agree with everything you said! And yes, it is true that Buffy blamed herself (at least partially, perhaps unconsciously) for her parents divorce.

I didn't either. I looked it up and from what I read they are saying that Cordy is more emotionally grounded. I think with Buffy's depression and many other issues that I agree. We didn't see Cordy have to deal with such hard things Buffy went through as much. I'm not saying Cordy didn't go through hard times and pain but she didn't have the weight of the world literally on her shoulders. Buffy had to deal with being the leader even before Season 7 of her friends. Plus a mother to Dawn after losing her own. Angel was the leader of Cordy's group and more just one of the gang.
Oh, yes that does make sense! It is technically correct. Even though I still find it a little unfair, but that could be due to my being overprotective of Buffy's character. I tend to get defensive when people are too hard on her, (or just point her flaws without mentioning the context really ).

I don't count Season 4 since it wasn't really her then. I hate that Season So much. I respect Joss for his amazing work but I don't know what he was thinking with that SL. Now we know it wasn't really Cordy but not when it first aired.
Tell me about it, that season sucks! I can't believe they trashed her character that much only to say 'it wasn't her' in the end. Oh well, we had an entire Cordelia-less season then! That makes me feel a lot happier!! Ugh.

I don't think Joss was much involved in that mess though. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't back then when he was more devoted to Firefly and left BtVS and Angel with the other producers/directors..? (Btw I remember resenting that show so much for it. Now I've made peace with the situation and even started watching Firefly. Pretty kickass show actually. )

Adding you now, flightless♄bird!
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