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This may not be too accurate, I just write what I know so enjoy.

Scene 1: L/S’s apartment
There’s a part in the beginning where the group is discussing something at L/S’s apartment but I’m going to jump to the part where Penny enters the apartment. So, anyways Penny comes in and he takes a seat on the floor, Raj was going to offer her a seat but she insists she stays where she was. Raj also complains why no one ever offers him a seat. Then Penny questions why they always sit here and not get a dining table. Sheldon answers her but in a way she didn’t understand, so she questions him again. Then Leonard explains by saying that Sheldon doesn’t want to in a high-pitched whiny way, like a baby.

Scene 2: L/S’s apartment
Sheldon is sitting by the window in front of a computer. And Leonard walks in from the hall way to the living room. He wonders why Sheldon would be suddenly using the table by the window especially since they’re discussion about the dining table. Sheldon just says something about how he’s enjoying using his Windows 98. Then Leonard says there wasn’t actually anything on that table he would find useful. After that, Sheldon says if he could find something in the apartment that they didn’t need. But Leonard just stands there and whips out his phone and takes a photo of him. And as Leonard begins to walk out of the apartment, Sheldon realizes there having an argument and how they never fight. But Leonard grows furious with what he said because it wasn’t true.

Scene 3: H/B apartment
This scene had quite a few takes, so I don’t remember everything.
Raj and Howard are both sitting on the couch. Howard is holding a wand that can control the tv. He holds it up to turn it on. And Raj is impressed and says it has to be his favorite brown stick, other than his other brown stick. And he wonders if Bernadette liked it and he said not when he pointed at her and said mute. Howard gets a phone call and he walks in the kitchen to take it and Raj plays with the wand. He waves it around to turn it on and off. He swings it across and say The Oprah Network. Howard returns to his seat and tells Raj that he got a call from NASA to go back into space. And Raj asks what he said and he said he’d be honored to go back. Then Raj says he will miss him and so did Howard. Raj then says he would look after Bernadette while he was gone. And if anything bad happen to him, he would name their first child Howard. And then he changes his mind about that and says he would name him after his grandfather.

Scene 4: Furniture Store
Leonard and Penny walk in a furniture store and Penny begins to say how he should stand up to Sheldon. And then Penny pointed to a table closest to them and wonders if Leonard liked it. Leonard says he wasn’t sure because Sheldon doesn’t like reclaimed wood. And suddenly Leonard agrees with Penny that he should stand up to him. And he begins to say that because Sheldon’s favorite character on Star Wars is Yoda doesn’t mean he can’t also like Yoda too because it’s his favorite character too. Leonard then decides to pick a table but Penny disagrees with his choice and Leonard then quickly points to the table next to the table Penny didn’t want.

Scene 5: H/B’s apartment
Raj is sitting by the kitchen counter as Bernadette goes to sit down. Bernadette wonders if she could ask Raj something and Raj says yes. Bernadette asks if she is being a terrible wife for not wanting Howard to go back to space and Raj questions if he was being a terrible work wife if he felt the same way. Then Bernadette wonders why Howard would want to go back after he had such an awful experience. Raj says it’s like him being in India. Bernadette asks Raj to convince Howard to stay and Raj says why he had to do it. And Raj explains how she’s the buzzkill and he’s the fun one. Bernadette questions how she is the buzzkill. Raj then says something about the wand and how she doesn’t like it which makes her the buzzkill or something like that. He takes the wand and waves it around and it suddenly shuts off all the lights in the apartment.

Scene 6: L/S’s apartment
My mind is a little fuzzy on this scene so it’s not going to be really accurate and I’m skipping ahead. Sheldon is arguing with Leonard and Penny about the table. But somehow it got to a point where Sheldon complains he doesn’t like how Penny has influnced Leonard, since they’ve been together. And that Sheldon turned Leonard into someone he can tolerate more easily. But then Leonard and Penny would say how he has changed since he has been in a relationship with Amy. Penny continues to say how he is hugging, holding hands, and how he even kissed her in the train. Sheldon then gets upset at Leonard for telling Penny he kissed her. So after Sheldon discovers how Amy has changed him he decides to go break up with her and he leaves. Then Penny makes a call to Amy and says Leonard bought a dining table and just by that Amy understood Sheldon was going to break up with her.

Scene 7: Amy’s apartment
Sheldon knocks on Amy’s door. Amy opens it, Sheldon tells her he wanted her to sign a document to break up with her. He says please do not shed tears on his ipad, he doesn’t have Applecare. Amy then says he’s more surprised about him not having Applecare. Sheldon then says he’s a little shocked she was taking it so well. Then Amy says she was okay and totally agrees his situation with the table and since they are no longer a couple she wouldn’t have to see that ridiculous table anyways. She also said this has nothing to do with her but Leonard is manipulating him like he always does. Sheldon then speculates if that were true. But then he overlooks that and wonders if what Amy is saying it true. And each time Sheldon tries to question Amy this, she’s able to turn it around so she’s manipulating him into not breaking up with her.
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