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Originally Posted by Leelala (View Post)
I think it makes perfect sense lol

Catherine will be trying to spin the fact that they left together to get Francis to hate Mary.. She also sees Bash as a threat b/c of Diane trying to legitimise him so using their adventure against them is perfectly in line with her 'own gain' .. Thats where Lola comes in, she's Mary's friend and likes Bash so I can totally see her trying to help them if Catherine is trying to ruin their reputations, ruining Mary's reputation by using Bash in turn ruins Frary... If Catherine convinces everyone that their adventure was this secret love escapade then she will have succeeded... Makes total sense to me...

But I dont think it will work and I think Frary will wed at the force of Henry and Mary's mother but it wont be happy, speculation is that Mary and Bash's connection is growing deeper and deeper and she will wed Francis but love Bash... Just what i've heard...
Of course, Catherine will try to use Bash to ruin Mary's "reputation," because that has been her M.O. in one way or another since she first heard the prophecy (hello, Colin). And I think she just hates Bash, so getting rid of him is always on her to-do list. But, due to the events of 1x08, I have to assume that the legitimization thing is kinda off the table.

I think Lola has her own agenda, but clearly, she has no love for Catherine (again, hello Colin).

But, I think the tables will turn when Mary decides that the "love escapade" is the only way to save Francis, because he won't give up on her any other way. So, I think Mary and Bash will be willing participants in that particular charade, making Francis believe there is a romance where this is nothing (or, at least, nothing that can compete with what he and Mary have).

My spec is that the "unhappy wedding" is all because of the prophecy and perceived betrayal, but that Mary will, in fact, love Francis on her wedding day, despite them being in a not-so-great place emotionally. I don't think she will truly fall for Bash at any point, but they will be close friends in upcoming episodes.
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