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Originally Posted by Etaoin (View Post)
It's very difficult to be successful in the music business. Part of the success of Lea's album will be based on people trying to get their fix of grief porn (unfortunately). They'll buy her album because of Cory and their relationship. Part of the success will be based on the fact that the songs on her album will be marketed to a younger demographic . And part of her success will be based on the fact that her album is on Columbia which will market the heck out of it. You're comparing a standard's album released on an indie label to a pop album released on a major label. It's not really the same thing. Also, Matt's first album was relatively success. It didn't break records but, it didn't tank either.

How do you measure success? He's had more Broadway success than Lea and he'll probably have more success scoring movie roles since he isn't as tied to his character as she is to hers. Matthew seems to be doing what he wants to do (except for being tied to Glee). Lea seems to be a nice person and is also doing what she enjoys. Why measure them against each other?

Side note: Poor Mark Salling is probably somewhere clutching a copy of his album and weeping right now for being left out of this comparison.
I want to quote every single word you typed. It's so different, and Matt's plans don't lay (at least not exclusively) in the music business. He's doing exactly what he loves doing right now (Glee apart). Thank you for writing this.
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