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Bonnie is back But I'm worried about her anchor status

I loved the Beremy scene Their kiss was amazing.

Originally Posted by naturellebella (View Post)
Tessa is a crappy ancestor - why wouldn't she tell Bonnie the consequences of her becoming the anchor? I guess because she wanted to "win" but geez, she didn't have to be so mean about it when telling Bonnie.
I think Tessa was just full of hate and only cared about her revenge. I feel really bad for Bonnie Now I understand why Amara wanted to die so badly.

Originally Posted by Mysterious Island Girl (View Post)
I felt bad that Nadia was dissed by Katherine so bad this epi after making that nice connection two episodes ago. This would have been an interesting story to develope.
I felt really bad for Nadia. She has been looking for her mother for 500 years and when she finally finds her she has no interest in her. I think Katherine is pushing her away because she doesn't want to connect with her when she knows she is going to die.

Originally Posted by KaaBOOM (View Post)
We knew Bonnie would come back, i did love the scene between the three girls.
I loved that scene! I loved how Caroline started talking about their dorm and the closet and the girls were like Caroline!
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