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STEFAN Oh gah.. my heart hurts so much for my Stefan. JUST LET ME LOVE ON HIM I just wanted to give him cuddles and kisses and affection He is sooo precious.

Silas being dead Don't get rid of the funny... Silas was awesome.. he and his awesome humour and awesome self will be missed!!

Silas and Amara.. oh be still my heart Seems like I am 'destined' to just love all the dopplergangers together Paul and Nina are amazing.. so damn good and their chemistry.. WOWZA

Stefan and Elena scenes... Elena GTFO!! She annoyed me heavily in this episode. I wanted to bang her head against a brick wall a few times (she's a vampire she can handle it )

Tessa killing herself Good riddance.. I enjoyed her chem with Paul.. but she hurt Stefan and that is unacceptable in my eyes

Bonnie being back.. Bonnie feeling every supernatural death... BOOOOOO!!! She just can't catch a freaking break
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