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Let's face it, this show is about Stephan, Elena, and Damon. A few extras along the way like Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline are added to increase the flavor. Then everyone else just pops in for an episode or two, are not developed at all and are sucked dry then discarded into the garbage can of the dead.
Maybe this show needs a procedural, some new story in each episode that does not connect with the soap opera going on.

Rant over. Phew that felt good.

So Amara was not wacko, only hearing and seeing dead people. I enjoyed her for the few epi's she was in. In my mind I will think that Amara and Silas are together at last in the afterlife that is filled with Elena and Stephan dopplegangers of different names.
That said, maybe there will be another Stephan doppleganger who shows up with another name that is truely meant for Katherine or Elena. Whatever.

I felt bad that Nadia was dissed by Katherine so bad this epi after making that nice connection two episodes ago. This would have been an interesting story to develope.

Oh well. I'm still watching this show.
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