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I got this from someone who lurks here (hi! ). Her friend went to last night's taping and shared the following with us via email:

All my friend said was not that funny an episode, lots of rewriting onset. Many jokes didn't seem to work. Overall plot pretty weak for Big Bang. Mainly involved some Sheldon and Leonard dispute resulting in leonard having to wear a red sweater that made him itch as punishment for something he did to Sheldon that made his brain "itch". She said Johnny galecki was very funny.

Only one scene with Amy and Sheldon together but they were not alone and no romance. Another stupid joke about her being so frustrated waiting for something she can't have. Almost a repeat of many other jokes, my friend said it was getting old.

Other plot involved penny seeing Lucy and yelling at her for how she treated raj, then Lucy meeting raj in coffee shop and telling him she is seeing someone else. Penny then sets raj up with another coworker, but raj blows the initial meeting with that girl. Poor raj.

Only behind scenes stuff she noticed was that mayim seemed to be sneezing a little and that she and Jim were talking with one of the crew members together while waiting for rewrites and they were all laughing.
Simon and Melissa hardly in episode at all. All in all she said kind of " off" episode.

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* ... and then Sheldon kissed Amy AGAIN.

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