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TBBT 7.07 taping report ... Credit to I'm not weird, I'm limited edition! she posted it in my ask box.

Hi! Sorry I'm traveling and have almost no internet, but here is a summary:

1. Scene is Sheldon, Leonard, Amy in a drugstore. They see prof. Proton and Sheldon wants to say hi. Prof. Proton's not too happy to see Sheldon!

Next scene was in cafeteria with all the boys. Leonard gets an email from prof. Proton who asks him to read his paper. Sheldon is jealous. Raj tells he's planing a girls night with making jewelry.

There is a scene in Leonard's lab with him and prof. Proton. They discuss a model of some sorts. Sheldon comes in and has Nye with him. He says he replaces prof. Proton with a newer model. Nye and proton get into a fight. Proton saying: "don't look at that model haven't you stolen enough of me mr. Bow tie!".

Then there is a scene in Howard and Bernadette's apartment with the girls and raj making jewelery, except penny making more of a mess than anything else.

I'm not sure about the exact order of the scenes anymore though!

We switch to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment with Amy and Sheldon in the scene. She says she understands, that prof. Proton gave the paper to Leonard because people might find him a bit.... She doesn't finish her question, but Sheldon demands she admits he's annoying. He's heard it all of his life. The he follows her around the apartment, demanding she says he's annoying, but she never does but leaves. He is stopped by the door that is shut in his face saying "she hates it, when I'm right!".

We have another scene with the girls making jewelry in Penny's apartment. When Howard and Bernadette arrive Howard keeps making fun of raj, who gets upset with him. Howard goes over to him and apologizes. Amy states that they probably will have sex become Sheldon and her do!

Next scene is front porch of prof. Protons house. Sheldon knocks (three times with a door knocker mumbling, that it comes from tv money). He tells prof. Proton that Amy made it clear to him, that he's annoying and this is the reason prof. Proton gave his paper to Leonard.
He demands of prof. Proton to call him annoying which he does eventually!

I think there was another scene in Leonard's lab. With him getting a text of Sheldon spending time with Nye.

Last scene is in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. Prof proton knocks and Sheldon answers. They talk and make peace with each other. Prof. Proton asking Sheldon to read his paper, which Sheldon already did because he hacked into his mail account. Sheldon calls the paper inspiring. Prof. Proton comes in to the Apartment, when he sees penny is there. They sit together on the couch with Sheldon telling about his favorite prof. Proton episodes. He leaves to get something and prof. Proton asks penny if she has single grandmothers. In the scene is also revealed that Sheldon's got now a restraining order of Nye too! I hope this was not to much!

I'm sorry I had to split everything up and spammed your inbox! I just hope it is helpful to you! I'm not in forums so I hope this is alright! :-) :-)
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