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Preemptively copying the report over here for June.

Credit to Monique from the TBBT forum.


DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski

STORY BY: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland & Maria Ferrari

TELEPLAY: Chuck Lorre & Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds


Sheldon and Amy are dining at the Cheesecake Factory. Penny walks up to them and points out that they're quiet, Sheldon is on his phone, they aren't touching each other so it must be date night. Amy argues that something he was looking up on his phone was kinda hot (not what was said, I just can't remember) was something having to do with root vegetables. Penny asks Amy, "how do you not take off his clothes and take him right here?" Sheldon replies and looks at Amy, "If you do that, I will scream."

When Penny walks away, Amy brings up the fact that she will be coming to Cal Tech to consult on an experiment (with monkeys) and asked him it would bother him that she would be working their. He told her that it wouldn't and asked her, "why would it bother me?" She replies with a saying, "one should not eat where they defecate." Sheldon replies that his father always used that saying too. He also use the saying, "who do I have to gratify orally to get a drink around here?" She asked Amy what does that saying have to do with her working at Cal Tech. She replies that she means that people who are involved romantically shouldn't work together.

Sheldon replies that he always took that saying literally and never moved his bowels at the Cheesecake Factory or any other restaurant. Amy is relieved that he is okay with her working at Cal Tech. Sheldon replies, "Not as relieved as I'm about to be...." he gets up to go use the restroom, "This is a brave new world, little lady." He tells her as he walks off.


Sheldon & Leonard's Apartment.

Howard: are you crazy? you don't want your girlfriend at work.

Sheldon: Why not?

Raj: It could be romantic....

Leonard: Yeah, the next time he gets conjunctivitis, she can hold us head back and put the eye drops in his eyes.

Raj argues (with Howard) that his parents met where his father worked.

Leonard: he's a gynecologist.

Raj: Yes and it went from a pap smear to a hatred for each other that they still have today.


Penny's Apartment.

Penny, Amy and Bernie are drinking wine and chatting.

Sheldon knocks on the door, calling out each of their names after each knock.

Bernie *to Amy*: he's never gonna stop that, is he? (the triple knocks)

Amy: I don't mind. I plan on putting his love of repetition to good use some day.

He tells Amy that she can no longer work at Cal Tech. She tells him that it's too bad because everything is already set to go, etc. Sheldon asked her, "Are you sure your moth like personality won't be drawn to the blazing fire that is myself?" Amy stares at him like he's gone mad and after a long pause she says, "No."

Penny tells Sheldon that he can't tell Amy what to do. Sheldon argues that Penny had just recently told Leonard he couldn't wear a certain jacket out in public (forgot the name). Penny argued that she isn't going to the mall with someone who looks like a dumb space bear.

At one point in this scene, Sheldon basically blames Howard for why he came to his decision of not wanting Amy to work there and told Bernie that Howard said that he wouldn't want to work with her. She gets offended and storms across the hall to Sheldon & Leonards apartment.


Howard and Bernie are in the kitchen. Howard is trying to lie his way out of what he said to the guys earlier (which I clearly didn't write in, sorry. LOL). He tells her that Sheldon just misunderstood what he said. Sheldon walks past Howard and towards the fridge.

Sheldon: if you're gonna lie to your wife then don't lead with "Sheldon misunderstood's a dead give away."

Leonard and Raj are leaning back on the couch, munching on popcorn like they're watching a movie with the scene in the kitchen.

Raj *to Leonard*: his only way out of this is if he fakes a heart attack or has a real heart attack.

Back in the kitchen, Bernie asks Howard what is it about her he doesn't like, her voice? is she too bossy?

Howard grabs one of his arms as if he's about to fake a heart attack (one of the symptoms is your arm going numb).

Leonard notices and says, "Nailed it."

Bernie doesn't buy it and tells him that he's holding the wrong arm for a heart attack. He quickly grabs his other arm and then reminds her that there are things about him that she would not like to be around all day either.

Bernie: like what? lying to my face?!?

He follows her as she storms out and before she exits, she says, "you can sleep some where else tonight." The door slams and he turns around with an angry face and all the guys are staring at him from the couch. Sheldon breaks the silence by saying, "Just in case you were wondering, Amy and I are just fine................really good."

Howard shoots him daggers.


Cal Tech Cafeteria.

Leonard *to Howard & Raj*: so, boys, how was the PJ party? Did you jump on the bed and sing into your hair brushes?

Raj: It wasn't a PJ party. We giggled, ate cookie dough and watched Princess Bride.

Howard *to Raj*: Stop talking.

Sheldon and Leonard and staring at Howard and Raj.

Amy walks by and dryly says hello as she walks by.

Leonard: "that was kind of icy, is everything okay with you two?"

Sheldon mentions that thanks to Howard, Amy is respecting their professional boundaries. He looks over at Amy and her colleagues at another table and thought that maybe he was worried for nothing. He made a comment like, "look at her over there.....probably wishing she was over here at the "cool" table. No worries, Amy...the flame will come to you." He gets up from the table and walks over to hers. She introduces Sheldon to her colleagues.

Amy: and this is Dr. Gunderson from Stockholm.

Shledon: Ah, Swedon. Home of my favorite Muppet and my 2nd favorite meatballs.

Amy and Gunderson stare at him with confusion and he replies with, "Okay, Nordic reputation for lack of humor is well-rounded."

Amy: where are you going with this, Dr. Cooper?

Sheldon: I'm your boyfriend. Call me Sheldon. *he sits across from her smiling* Just being social. Came over here to see my cute little lump of wool. That's right. Amy and I are in a boy-girl relationship. A physical one too. Hand-holding,'s crazy.

Amy kicks Sheldon under the table.

Sheldon: and apparently we do this new thing where we kick each other in the shin.*He kicks her back* how do you like it? Not so much, huh?


Sheldon goes to visit Amy at her lab at Cal Tech where is is working on her experiment (figuring out what it takes to scare monkeys). There is a monkey there with her who she is showing different pictures to so that she can record his reactions to each picture. This scene is hilarious because the monkey and Sheldon have the same reactions to certain pictures.

Amy is upset with Sheldon because of how he acted earlier in the cafeteria and as usual he saw nothing offensive about what he did. He needs Amy to drive him home but she refuses because she is clearly busy. He is forced to take the bus.


Sheldon's & Leonard's apartment.

Leonard & Penny are cuddling on the couch wrapped in a blanket when Sheldon walks in the door.

Leonard: it's after nine, where have you been?

Sheldon explains that he had to take the bus and ended up falling asleep and didn't get off at his stop because of it.

Sheldon: did you know there's a Little Sri Lanka?

Leonard: I do now.

Sheldon went on about how he tried to ask for directions and because of the language barrier, ended up being sold mutton and coconut milk.

Leonard asked Sheldon why he didn't ride home with Amy and he explained that Amy found him embarrassing.

Sheldon: Can you believe that?

Leonard: Yes......I say this with as much love as I can possibly muster: Amy is right and you are wrong.

Sheldon: you haven't even heard my side of the story!

Leonard: it doesn't matter...

Sheldon: But....

Leonard: still doesn't matter...

Sheldon: you guys won't even listen to my side!

Penny: Okay, Sheldon.What IS your side??

Sheldon: Well...

Penny: Nope! Sorry, Amy's right.

Sheldon walks to his room annoyed at the both of them.


Raj's, apartment.

Raj & Howard are playing video games when Bernie knocks on the door. She apologizes to Howard for getting a little TOO angry at the situation. He apologies as well and lets her know that she was right (they kiss) and that changes will be made, "tomorrow". She steps back and asks him, "why tomorrow?" She always felt like he put his friends (he even got a couples massage with Raj. LOL) and video games first and he was doing it again. She storms out of the apartment and Howards asks Raj, "Should I go after her?"


It's late and Sheldon arrives at Amy's apartment door.

*Knock Knock Knock* Amy

*Knock Knock Knock* Amy

*Knock Knock Knock* Amy

Amy opens the door in her night gown: what are you doing here, Sheldon?

Sheldon: I couldn't sleep because of what happened between us earlier. This isn't easy for me to say but all relationships are difficult. We are a couple.

He talks about how this "difficulty" is multiplied when one in the relationship struggles with every day social interactivity and is considered weird by a lot of people (don't remember how this was said exactly).

Amy *she tells him sweetly*: Sheldon, I don't think you're weird.

Sheldon: I didn't mean me.Amy smirks.

Sheldon goes on to tell her that he likes her just the way she is...quirks and all.

Amy: I like you too.

Sheldon: I should think you do. I don't see anyone else banging on this door to put up with your nonsense.

*Door get's slammed in his face*


The last scene is Amy and Bernie sitting at the bar at The Cheesecake Factory with Penny as bartender. They're talking about their men and how they plan to put them in their places....both planning to ignore them. Penny tells them not to worry because she told Leonard about the situation ad that Leonard will put them in their places. It then cuts to all the guys at the apartment with goggles on throwing balloons up in the air so that Leonard could blast them with a lazor he had set up. The guys all cheer and laugh when the balloon bursts.

#SerialApeist2Premiere #ATSKAA2014*
* ... and then Sheldon kissed Amy AGAIN.

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