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Scene 6: L/S's Apartment
Sheldon is looking at the newspaper and he tells Leonard that Pride and Prejudice is a masterpiece. The girl is pride and the guy is prejudice. So, he tells Leonard he's looking at the papers and says Amy likes Marmaduke and Sheldon said the dog has so many problems why anyone would want to keep him. Leonard says maybe it's because he raised him when he was young. Sheldon agrees with him realizing he can no longer use it and says why couldn't she like Clifford the dog, "He's just ridiculous." Sheldon then points out that Amy also likes Garfield, he reads it and laughs and says, "Oh on." Leonard then gets ready to leave to watch football with Penny and before he leaves Sheldon questions Leonard what can he ruin for Penny or Amy, I'm not sure which character he says.

Scene 7: Penny's Apartment
Leonard enters Penny's apartment. She asks him if he's ready to go to the bar so they can watch the game and he says, "Do we really have to go?" and Penny replies by saying, "Come on. You always do this. It's either too dirty or there's a chicken wing near my ear." Penny then says if that book was making it hard for him, then maybe they shouldn't go and he immediately says yes but is clearly using that as an excuse to avoid going. Penny then suggests they stay home to watch it instead. However Leonard gave her an idea so they can both stay home and watch The Hobbit commentary instead.

Scene 8: Leonard's lab
Howard walks to Leonard's door, and he opens it, Penny is there too. Howard and Penny exchange hello's and she tells Leonard she hopes he'll feel better and she leaves. Howard tells him how cool it is for him to have sex at work. Leonard says yeah, his mother's book made it easy for her to have sympathy for him and it works to use as an excuse to get what he wanted. He also mentions that they spent all night watching something that had even him falling asleep. He says he's not proud of this but he sorta enjoys it anyways and wants to see how far he can take it.

Scene 9: L/S's Apartment
Sheldon is web chatting with Amy. Sheldon begins by saying that since they watched something he liked together, then maybe they can have an unscheduled date night to watch Little House on the Prairie since Amy enjoys that very much. Amy is overjoyed and she questions why Sheldon is rubbing his hands. Sheldon says he has lotion on. They then leave the web chat and Sheldon says this with a smirk look on his face, "Why would he need lotion when its so soft?"

Scene 10: H/B's Apartment
Bernadette places a dish in the sink and says, "Why have you been so quiet all night?" And while Howard places his dish in sink too, he response by saying, "I've been thinking a lot about my childhood, and how sad it was for me." And Bernadette ignores him and tells Howard to wash the dishes while she takes a bath. He then says if he can join her but Bernadette prefers to be alone. And then Howard asks her if she could have at least a little sympathy from him and he then reminisces about the time when he use to take a bath with his mother and how she would eat in there. And then she says why he's acting so weird. Howard says he's just a man whose struggling like every other person. Bernadette begins to get a little irritated. And Howard confesses that Leonard has been saying something like this to Penny and he tries to continue to lure her into it. Bernadette then says you're dumb and sad, and go wash those dishes. There was another take at the end where Howard says, "I'll wash the dishes, you'll take your bath."

Scene 11: Raj's Apartment
Raj and Stuart both post their online dating profile. Raj says, "Welcome! My business is open for business." And he gets someone name Jenny309 who has viewed his profile and he says he hopes that it's not her weight. Stuart says if she is, "I'll take her." Then Stuart gets one too and says if he done this years ago, he would have been divorced three or four times already. Then Raj says he feels exposed as if he was naked.

Scene 12: L/S's Apartment
Sheldon and Amy is preparing to watch Little House On The Prairie and Amy is delightfully sitting in her usual spot next to Sheldon. She says she's a big fan of the show. And as Sheldon walks towards his spot, he points out a few mistakes from the show. He continues to do so to a point where Amy becomes a bit frustrated realizing it was because of what happened in the Indiana Jones movie. Amy tells Sheldon there's no need to seek revenge and Sheldon wonders if that's right because that's what his parents would do with one another (or something along the lines of that). And at the end of this scene Sheldon tries to ruin Garfield for Amy.
This is the scene where Jim hugs Mayim. It wasn't part of the show. They were both sitting on the couch and Jim basically hugs her the way Amy usually hugs Sheldon and they both kinda lean back.

Scene 13: Penny's Apartment
Leonard walks through the door and Penny is sitting on the couch wearing a nighty. Penny says since he's been feeling so bad lately, she's going to do something special for him. Leonard then eagerly unzips his pants and Penny takes her laptop, turns it around and Beverly is on her web chat. Penny furiously tells Leonard she knew he was just using this as an excuse and she knew this because Bernadette toldher. Penny leaves and enters her room. Leonard groans and says, "Now, I really do feel sad." There was also another take where Penny leaves and says, "Now, you can't have the left or the right!"

Scene 14: Raj's Apartment
Raj and Stuart are sitting on the couch starring at their laptops. They are both disappointed because they had over a hundred views and no comments. So they decide they should go to a bar to pick up woman. Then you see a flash of them at a bar and Raj says "Hey," to a girl, and she immediately says no turning him down immediately. Then he says, "Yeah, this way is way worse."

Scene 15: L/S's Apartment
Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon are all seated to watch the Indiana Jones movie so they can clearly analyze it. And Howard see's that there wasn't a mistake in the movie and they were all happy about that. But then Leonard points out something else that is a flaw and the gang are once again disappointed.
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