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Okay, I didn't want to go to bed yet without writing something up and it's not all of it so I'll get to complete it tomorrow. BTW, it's going to be iffy, so don't rely on me to be 100% accurate.

Scene 1: L/S's apartment
Sheldon and Amy are sitting on the couch watching an Indiana Jones movie (I'm not sure which one). After it was over Amy says it was good but Sheldon doesn't believe it was just good. But then Amy said when he told her she was going to lose her virginity, it wasn't over this. Then, Sheldon said he was sorry he should of said something different. They walk over to the kitchen counter and Amy points out a huge flaw in the movie that totally ruined the movie for him.

Scene 2: Lobby of their apartment
Penny and Leonard meet while they're walking upstairs. Penny asks Leonard why he was there and he explains that Sheldon and Amy are having their date night. He didn't want to make it awkward. Leonard also says they have each other for that already. They're at the second floor, and Penny says she bought a psychology book by Beverly Hofstader for a class. Leonard groans a bit saying, "You actually bought that?" and to tell her not to read it. Penny says she only bought it because it was short. They're at the third floor and Leonard says she wrote about his potty training and masturbation days, and pretty much anything that came out of him. Penny wonders if there are any pics. They reach to the fourth floor of their apartments. Leonard then says, during his breast feeding days he favored left one more. And then Penny adds, "Oh my god. You still do that."

Scene 3: Cafeteria
Raj, Howard, and Leonard are sitting at a table. Raj asks Howard which celebrity he looks like the most and Howards says Halle Berry. Howard asks, "Why?" Raj answers by saying that he is making an online dating profile. Then, Sheldon comes to the table and Leonard asks, "Why he's reading Pride and Prejudice." And Sheldon says Amy ruined that Indiana Jones movie for him so he's trying in find something that she enjoys so he can ruin that for her. They talk about the movie a bit and then realized that what Amy said was right and it somehow was ruined completely for everybody else as well.

Scene 4: Penny's Apartment
Leonard is mixing something in a pot. Penny is taking out a bottle from the refrigerator and questions Leoanard about the book. But Leonard just wants to drop it. However Penny continues to bring it up and questions why he used to wear makeup. Leonard says the makeup is green, he is just pretending to be the The Hulk. It made him feel like he can take out a lot of his anger out since he didn't have the best childhood. And Penny also says why were boobs involved. His response by that were those were his muscles. Leonard then asks her did she get to the part where on one Easter Day, his mother pretended to hide an egg somewhere (even though there weren't any) as an experiment. Leonard said his the answer to that was June.

Scene 5: Raj's Apartment
Raj is putting makeup on Stuart. Stuart wonders why he would need to put make up on him. Raj explains since he's taking a picture of him for his dating site it'll make him look fun and full of life and not dead, like he's been dragged out of a river (or something like that). Raj goes over to the camera takes the picture, but Stuart puts on aa expressionless face. And Raj rejects it and instructs him to turn around and make an expression that a woman would actually like. He does it again but actually smiles this time. Then they go to the kitchen table and grab a beer and Raj asks Stuart what he put on his profile and he says unobjectable and Stuart asks Raj what he put his profile that is his best feature and he says his parents money.
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