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I really like this couple. I find it sad that him building her a car was totally forgotten. He worked at Doseys and as building worker in the Dragon Fly.
But I would have loved to see him as mechanic maybe in Gypsis garage. He would have a real interest in something. He said that he used to work with his father on cars from a early on. When I remember correctly.
Why not go for it? Maybe the writers were afraid that it would be to „cool“ for Dean to do something like that. Jess could have not make fun of him like when he worked at Doseys. Or imagine Jared/Dean with oil all over him after fixing a car. 
I think that it would have been interesting to see if the audition would have still loved Jess so much if Dean was not made dumber by episode.

Or Jess coming back to Stars Hollow and have to get his car fixed by Dean instead of Gypsi. What great potential this could have had. But no Dean was made a person who had no real interest other then Rory. Sorry for my ramble what everytime I think about it – it frustrates me
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