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Adopted Dad {Bobby|Jim} #9 - because he puts the boys first

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Welcome to the 9th Bobby Singer/Jim Beaver Appreciation Thread
A thread where we can show Bobby, and Jim, some love and..well...appreciation


Supporters List

1. Wine Colored Roses
2. Folie
3. HalesNLuke
4. Ngatiara
5. Mei Zhuo
6. ~Natali~
7. Deej
8. Shnicky
9. Falling~star
10. Lily_Grace
11. andre silva
12. AliB23
13. Ghost.Of.You
14. TV fan xx
15. -cuckoo bananas-
16. Marcos
17. Purple Nurple
18. CappieTauLove
19. Hermione Weasley
20. winchesterboyz
21. light the fuse
22. MissDarkandTwisty
23. Wynter
24. xxxninaxxx
25. Captain Oatsocute
26. OhioAla19
27. Talkative One
28. TamTam
29. culturefreak
30. Summerstars
31. fluffybunny
32. MelBelle2
33. lisagslack14
34. greeneyeswe3tie
35. michelle1
36. B.Chambers
37. *MaryMgo*
38. beatlette
39. Veiled Vesta
40. Creativity
41. SSBailey
42. Liia
43. quin611
44. Dean&SamFan
45. ocfan27
46. Kwinks
47. BoreanazLoverXO
48. IScream4Dean
49. keroppi
50. HaylijahღEndgame
51. deejay0212
Anyone who might want to be added to the list just say so on the thread and I'll add them as soon as possible


Reasons We Love Him

Because he's awesome.
Because when the boys need help, he's there.
Because he's like the uncle Dean and Sam never had as kids.
Because he quotes Animal House.
Because he's a "Con Man"... and we can't con him.
Because he doesn't have a low opinion of Dean.
Because he keeps everybody in check.
Because when he takes off his hat he looks kinda funny.
Because he cleans up nice.
Because he reads John/Bobby!!!
Because he's a father-figure to the boys.
Because he can't be too careful.
Because he's "touchy-touchy" when people doubt his summoning skills.


Jim Beaver Stuff

Jim Beaver (jumblejim) on Twitter


Previous Threads
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