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I realize this is just oddball randomness, but I was thinking how odd it was Regina hadn't had a child.

OK, odd on one level, not odd on another. The evil queen is an archetype of the evil mother. Evil mothers come in assorted sizes and shapes. They may be like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, who (literally or figuratively) wants to devour the child hero/heroine. Although they can actually be the hero/heroine's mother, they're more often a stepmother, someone who is seen more naturally viewing the hero/heroine as a rival (either on her own behalf or on behalf of the stepmother's children).

Anyhow, the devouring, repressive mother figure is often seen as anti-life. She destroys life rather than creates it. If she has children, they are often no more than extensions of her (exceptions are children of evil witches who fall in love with the hero or heroine and help them). She may acquire a child, like Rapunzel, but don't expect the birthmother to be happy about it and don't expect the evil mother to be nurturing.

So, taken as an archetype, Regina should be childless or have an adopted child she tries too hard to control and repress.

But, taken as a person, Regina shows early on an interest in having a child. Even before the curse, she tries to get Hansel and Gretel to accept her as a mother.

There's evidence that FTL follows the European model that boys inherit kingdoms before girls. In the scenario, Regina would have strengthened her position if she'd had a son. No matter what rumors were going around about the king's death, her son would be the rightful heir, not Snow.

Even if the kingdom operated on primogeniture or some rule that gave Queen Eva's child a better claim than Regina's, blood heirs usually get better PR than heirs by marriage.

After being a widow, a child without a husband might have created a scandal--but so does being a wicked witch. And, if she'd asked Graham to marry her, she could have made sure he said yes. Ditto most other guys (Regina as David's Wicked Stepmum if she married King George. Or, if George is his Wicked Stepdad, is she his Wicked Step-Stepmum? Or does the Stepdad of the brother you were separated from at birth count as more of an Evil Uncle, even if he does make you pretend to be your brother? The Clan Charmings Thanksgiving Dinner already requires peacekeeping forces even without trying to figure out the place cards, so it might be better not to think about this).

As for fertility issues, she was trained by Rumplestiltskin. Exactly how many times has he been consulted by childless couples? He may be best known for adoptions, but don't tell me he doesn't know how to deal with all the other problems.
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