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Originally Posted by Regulus-Fan (View Post)
Aww love your icon and sig Really love this movie adaption and of course the novel.

I just want to know what happened with everyone there ... it has been 28 years and I still don´t really get what happened with the curse and what Cora did and then Mulan and Philip were frozen in time aswell.

There is much to tell it´s just the writers who need to be interested in exploring it.

I only know that Meghan said in an interview after the end of season 2, that there were plans for a storyline for Ruby and Charming working together in SB but the writers decided to not do this and bring Emma and Snow back sooner (also probably because they wanted to introduce that Neverland storyline)
Thanks, I love the movie and I also think I've read the novel a dozend times.

Exactly, too many questions unawnserd.

I've read that intervieuw too but I totally forgot about it. I guess by making them return faster other stories where put unhold but that doesn't mean they wont be tolled eventually. Hopefully the same goes for Aurora's story.
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